[Noisebridge-discuss] Patrick Key and NB Incident of 2/23/2011 notes.

Robert Chu robertayoungchu at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 15:48:32 UTC 2011

I have no clue of why the video below was included.

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 7:47 AM, Robert Chu <robertayoungchu at gmail.com>wrote:

> (05:48:45 AM) The topic for #noisebridge is: https://www.noisebridge.net/| Noisebridge still needs more members to improve cash flow | Coming up next
> week: coherent photons, then involuntary fire extinguisher testing | Today
> in noisebridge history, someone learned the difference between a mutex and a
> semaphore.
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> (05:48:53 AM) rayc: Hello Noisebridge Goodmorning
> (05:48:58 AM) rayc: Is anybody on????
> (05:49:09 AM) lilia: ...
> (05:49:17 AM) rayc: Patrick just showed up
> (05:50:23 AM) rayc: Before entering he peered through the port whole to see
> if we were here. He then entered furtively despite being expressly told that
> he has been banned from the premises by formal action of the membership.
> (05:50:46 AM) rayc: He claimed not to have received the email notification,
> sent by Rachel at 12:42am.
> (05:51:37 AM) rayc: Four of us acting as defenders of the space, that
> unless he exited the building and complied strictly with the instructions in
> the email, that we would be forced the police.
> (05:52:25 AM) aestetix: oh boy
> (05:52:58 AM) niggachu: Defenders of the space sounds gay and lame.  Call
> yourselves instead Tribune of the Membership and you don't need to call
> other, outside police.
> (05:52:58 AM) noisebot: niggachu, you have notes! [05:28] <tecra> like this
> (05:53:55 AM) rayc: Before exiting he checked his phone maybe pretended to
> read the email-snorted loudly, in what seems to us convey his contempt for
> the decision, the people who made it and the space.
> (05:54:07 AM) rayc: Defenders of the space - Paul V.
> (05:54:17 AM) aestetix: defenders of the space?
> (05:54:21 AM) aestetix: is this on the mailing list or something?
> (05:54:58 AM) rayc: He then stated: "I have a printer and a microwave that
> I am going to take away."
> (05:55:00 AM) rayc: Not yet
> (05:55:17 AM) rayc: Then he stormed out.
> (05:57:09 AM) rayc: We believe that since he gave the aforementioned items
> to NB in an effort to curry popularity with the membership. That he is not
> entitled to take the items away and he should be formally notified that any
> attempt to do so will result in prosecution to theft. - Paul V.
> (05:57:43 AM) rayc: Note: These notes will be included in an email.
> (06:00:13 AM) rayc: So Patrick has returned
> (06:00:35 AM) lilia: yeah… pretty sure when you donate something to a
> 501c3, the charity then owns the thing, and thus taking it back is legally
> theft. no different from breaking open the donation boxes and making off w/
> cash.
> (06:00:58 AM) rayc: John is talking to him now
> (06:01:01 AM) niggachu: It's not his fault.  He has been driven insane by a
> punch deficiency.
> (06:01:14 AM) niggachu: kind of like scurvy only it makes you a jerk
> (06:01:28 AM) rayc: I see
> (06:01:51 AM) niggachu: maybe someone should ... loan him a punch
> (06:02:03 AM) rayc: As John being the standing member. John is taking
> action
> (06:02:13 AM) rayc: he just walked out with the microwave
> (06:02:40 AM) lilia: *visions of the kool-aid guy busting through a wall
> and punching patrick*
> (06:02:48 AM) lilia: "Oh yeah!
> (06:03:06 AM) niggachu: robert1: As Guardian of the Space and Tribune of
> the Nonpaying Nonmember Freeloaders, it is your job to tackle him and
> retrieve the stolen property.
> (06:03:32 AM) aestetix: you know
> (06:03:35 AM) rayc: Paul V. here taking over
> (06:03:42 AM) aestetix: I used to make jokes about forming a fake police
> unit within Noisebridge
> (06:03:51 AM) aestetix: glad to see evolution has taken its natural course
> :p
> (06:04:17 AM) rayc: Robert has retired as stenographer and has graduated to
> direct action
> (06:04:19 AM) niggachu: You were joking?
> (06:04:20 AM) niggachu: oh.
> (06:04:28 AM) lilia: Noisepolice?
> (06:04:41 AM) SarahEmm: lilia: i think convention would dictate
> Policebridge, no? :)
> (06:04:46 AM) lilia: no no... Noisebrigade.
> (06:05:13 AM) rayc: Jonathan Ellis has followed Patrick out in an effort to
> talk down a rather tense situation here at brigade hq
> (06:05:14 AM) noisebot: What Would Patrick Do?
> (06:05:58 AM) lilia: i <3 noisebot
> (06:06:06 AM) niggachu: Nolice.
> (06:06:17 AM) rayc: Robert is manning the front gate to prevent Patrick
> from re-entering and stealing more NB property
> (06:06:48 AM) rayc: What is Al's number?
> (06:07:03 AM) lilia: niggachu: we may have bedbugs but at least we have no(
> )lice
> (06:09:06 AM) niggachu: robert1: In all honesty, patrick is currently
> walking down mission st. near 18th at 6 in the morning when it's still dark
> and the crackheads are still up.  If he were to arrive home +bruise -wallet
> and afraid of that area, that would be ... totally expected and
> understandable in every way and completely unremarkable.
> (06:10:15 AM) rayc: Let's not get our hopes up.
> (06:10:48 AM) niggachu: raw hope has a long track record of being useless
> (06:11:00 AM) rayc: FYI, "Defenders of the Space" was a mocking reference
> to Henry VIII.
> (06:11:12 AM) rayc: Paul may be gay but he's not lame.
> (06:12:33 AM) niggachu: again, it's not a great part of town
> (06:12:44 AM) rayc: Patrick and Robert now at front gate
> (06:13:43 AM) rayc: Jonathan Ellis has been sent down to address the
> situation
> (06:20:07 AM) \Bill left the room (quit: Disconnected by services).
> (06:22:41 AM) Destri: Dramabridge
> (06:22:44 AM) rayc: Continuing negotiations at the front gate.  Patrick
> refuses to return his key to the front gate.
> (06:24:41 AM) rayc: Jonathan has returned.  Patrick still at front gate,
> blocked by Robert
> (06:24:52 AM) niggachu: http://s11.info/~/ponies.png
> (06:24:54 AM) noisebot: [Link Info] type: image/png, size: 123,113 bytes
> (06:24:57 AM) lilia: well i suppose we could change the locks but it would
> be quite expensive to replace all the keys out there.
> (06:25:23 AM) lilia: OMGPONIES
> (06:25:40 AM) niggachu: Incentive to move to numbered swipeycards so we can
> deactivate a single.
> (06:25:48 AM) rayc: Robert showing exceptional courage in dealing with that
> wimp Patrick
> (06:26:13 AM) Destri: is this the Lilia from sfnet back in tha day?
> (06:26:27 AM) niggachu: wait I thought courage was the bully-kryptonite,
> not wimp-kryptonite.
> (06:26:44 AM) lilia: destri: fraid not
> (06:26:46 AM) rayc: It's true that the hour is early: but four of us were
> having a consensus party to celebrate the wisdom of The Members.
> (06:27:00 AM) Destri: speaking of kryptonite, one of those locks might work
> on the gate.
> (06:27:02 AM) niggachu: Is 4 a quorum?
> (06:27:02 AM) rayc: And we working on important, time-sensitive stuff
> (06:27:23 AM) rayc: Until Patrick disrupted our vibe
> (06:27:25 AM) Destri: always room for more lilias
> (06:27:46 AM) lilia: daww :-)
> (06:28:37 AM) Destri: unless this Patrick is also from the Lockpicking
> group.  heh
> (06:30:28 AM) Destri: I don't think that anybody has coughed up for a round
> lock-pick set though.
> (06:31:04 AM) runnerr0 [~runnerr0 at netops-174.sfo1.bitgravity.com] entered
> the room.
> (06:31:42 AM) rayc: Standoff at front gate continues.
> (06:32:28 AM) Destri: Social engineering-hack! "I am El Patrick-o, just
> here to check the microwave" /cheesy mustache
> (06:32:50 AM) Destri: the stuff he donated could be a really cheap way to
> get rid of him forever, actually.
> (06:33:29 AM) rayc: True, but since it's NB property we need consensus to
> give it to him, right?
> (06:34:03 AM) niggachu: It's a do-ocracy, and I don't think anyone will
> complain that you solved the problem without dragging them into it and
> dragging it ott for another month.u
> (06:34:15 AM) Destri: 6 AM consensus could be hard, yeah.  Printer +
> microwave, 50 bucks of free crap from craigslist.
> (06:34:35 AM) Destri: "trade you your front gate key for this printer"
> (06:35:05 AM) lilia: i imagine most people would gladly trade one less
> printer for one less patrick… but do try to get the gate key.
> (06:35:13 AM) rayc: Well, it sounds as though Patrick called the police.
> (06:35:23 AM) aestetix: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Harmony,_Indiana
> (06:35:24 AM) noisebot: [Link Info] title: New Harmony, Indiana -
> Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
> (06:35:25 AM) aestetix: improve the mind
> (06:35:39 AM) niggachu: gate key is nb property and I don't see what his
> refusal to return it has to do with its retrieval.
> (06:35:59 AM) Destri: chatroom consensus?  Aye
> (06:36:06 AM) lilia: jesus. is there a board member around/wakeable?
> they're gonna wanna talk to someone official.
> (06:36:17 AM) neurotech: Al?
> (06:36:24 AM) rayc: Well I asked for Al's number
> (06:36:34 AM) neurotech: I dont have their numbers
> (06:36:39 AM) lilia: anybody call him / find his number? i looked but
> couldnt find
> (06:36:41 AM) rayc: Nobody responded.  I think Al is closest.
> (06:37:25 AM) rayc: Of course, responding to Patrick is not a high priority
> of the SFPD.
> (06:37:42 AM) lilia: lulz
> (06:38:22 AM) rayc: Robert continues to guard the gate.
> (06:39:14 AM) rigel: i wonder what he told the police
> (06:39:32 AM) lilia: ditto
> (06:39:35 AM) rigel: "there are some people i gave some stuff to and the
> dont like me anmore and wont give my stuff back!"
> (06:39:53 AM) niggachu: let's just tell the police that he's not allowed in
> the Get Rid Of Slimy girlS clubhouse any more since his operation.
> (06:39:56 AM) niggachu: er, her
> (06:40:58 AM) rayc: The police will tell him it is a civil matter.
> (06:41:56 AM) Destri: that New Harmony link.  Looks a bit like a pentacle
> in the center of that town
> (06:43:30 AM) rayc: Jonathan has repeatedly informed him to contact Jason
> Dusek.
> (06:44:04 AM) neurotech: unless anyone has any other ideas..
> (06:44:57 AM) neurotech: I will reply.. noisebridge is a 501c3 and removing
> donated property of value is not allowed
> (06:45:16 AM) rayc: Correct.
> (06:46:03 AM) rigel: he used the term "donated"
> (06:46:17 AM) rayc: Correct.
> (06:46:38 AM) niggachu: If you figure in the negative value of patrick and
> how that goes away with him the what does the printer become worth?
> (06:46:51 AM) neurotech: whois niggachu?
> (06:47:11 AM) rigel: niggachu: roughly -$16.4 million
> (06:47:17 AM) niggachu: I'm the black pokemon.  Who are you?
> (06:48:08 AM) neurotech: I'm John/Jonathon referrred to above
> (06:48:16 AM) aestetix: john waters?
> (06:48:29 AM) rayc: His sense of humor is not that good.
> (06:48:31 AM) neurotech: no.. John Ellis
> (06:49:08 AM) niggachu: neurotech: Did you retrieve the front door key?
> (06:49:11 AM) rayc: Jonathan Ellis', that is.
> (06:49:16 AM) neurotech: not yet
> (06:49:17 AM) rayc: No, he did not.
> (06:49:22 AM) niggachu: Fail.
> (06:49:32 AM) lilia: the printer's value is not affected by patrick's
> value, but overall their sum is negative.
> (06:49:41 AM) lilia: will he trade the printer for the key?
> (06:50:20 AM) rigel: the printer was clearly a bribe, and therefore tied
> inextricably to patrick's value to the space
> (06:50:35 AM) niggachu: What would he trade the key for?  What if we sing
> him a song of hate?  Barbershop quartet style.
> (06:51:44 AM) rayc: On or off key?
> (06:52:03 AM) Destri: I tend to slide toward baritone as the night of
> drinking moves on.
> (06:53:29 AM) rayc: I know we are all in favor of saving trees but, if it
> is of interest, the printer at issue is the only one that actually works.
> (06:53:54 AM) niggachu: All I know is as the drinking continues not only
> does my singing get better, but also I become smarter and more attractive.
> (06:54:25 AM) Destri: you sure do!
> (06:54:28 AM) Destri: heh
> (06:54:33 AM) linguaz left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
> (06:54:47 AM) rigel: i still think its worth donating it to him in exchange
> for his key
> (06:55:02 AM) rigel: but then again i am not a frequent user of the space
> (06:56:10 AM) ***Destri is not really a paid member, nor a frequent user of
> the space.
> (06:56:14 AM) Destri: is it a Laser?
> (06:56:15 AM) rayc: There is strong sentiment in favor of swapping printer
> for key (he also is claiming a projector stand we can't find), but the now 3
> of us do not feel empowered to alienate NB property.
> (06:56:47 AM) rayc: We feel Patrick should follow the instructions in his
> email notice and contact Jason Dusek.
> (06:56:51 AM) niggachu: such as the key which you are allowing to walk out
> (06:57:03 AM) rayc: The key has already walked out.
> (06:57:30 AM) niggachu: Then, I am afraid that the emperor has already won.
> (06:57:38 AM) Destri: if he wanted to be a dick.. he could just make a copy
> of the key and then give it back to you.
> (06:57:57 AM) Destri: which makes some sorta electronic gate system sound
> better and better
> (06:57:59 AM) rayc: Correct.  And may well have done so before coming over.
> (06:58:01 AM) SarahEmm: to be fair, the key bitting's on the wiki so it's
> not impossible to just make one if you wanted.
> (06:58:04 AM) rigel: i wouldnt put it past him that now since he knows you
> are going to want him to return the key, he will make a copy of it
> (06:58:10 AM) SarahEmm: (not that anyone would do that, of course <_< >_>)
> (06:58:15 AM) niggachu: And as soon as key shops open in an hr we must
> assume he has copied the key.
> (06:58:17 AM) rigel: oh. i forgot that
> (06:58:20 AM) niggachu: regardless of whether he has or not
> (06:58:40 AM) rigel: i am lagged
> (06:58:55 AM) rayc: Actually, I think he is sufficiently humiliated that he
> will not return once this drama comes to completion.
> (06:59:10 AM) Grievre: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFztjgfDWDA
> (06:59:12 AM) noisebot: [Link Info] title: YouTube - Cat Laser Bowling
> (06:59:13 AM) Grievre: laser cat bowling
> (06:59:23 AM) lilia: truth. so not much we can doabout that. i say let him
> do what he likes. he's only digging himself a deeper hole. we can consense
> later on whether we'd like to pursue legal action to recover our property or
> just cut our losses and change the locks
> (06:59:49 AM) Destri: now, all we need is a laser printer hacked into a cat
> toy, for bowling purposes.
> (06:59:54 AM) Destri: and a cat
> (07:00:06 AM) rayc: I think he got the printer to print out his homework
> (07:00:57 AM) rigel: robert1: it didnt stop him from coming to nb once he
> was kicked out of hackerdojo or whatever other hackspaces hes been banned
> from
> (07:01:15 AM) neurotech: he was kicked out of hacker dojo?
> (07:02:06 AM) rayc: The printer is a brand new HP LaserJet CP 1525nw color
> (07:02:09 AM) rigel: this is what i hear
> (07:03:06 AM) Grievre: who is this patrick and why was he banned?
> (07:03:15 AM) rayc: I (Paul V.) agree with lilia in that Patrick will do
> what he thinks best, which means he will just dig a deeper grave for himself
> (07:03:36 AM) lilia: grievre: long story. go read the discuss archives.
> (07:04:28 AM) Destri: atsa mighty nice printer
> (07:06:32 AM) Grievre: I have a printer I could donate to noisebridge if we
> lose that one. I don't know how much it compares in terms of value
> (07:06:37 AM) Grievre: it's a dell all-in-one printer-scanner-fax thing
> (07:06:54 AM) Grievre: on the other hand I keep saying I'm going to set it
> up and actually use it some day
> (07:07:41 AM) linguaz [~b79 at commonhouse.net] entered the room.
> (07:08:54 AM) rayc: Police here.  Hold tight.
> (07:09:28 AM) Destri: I wanna Color Laser that'll do 11x17, the holy grail
> of printers.
> (07:09:28 AM) pm-: uh oh
> (07:09:33 AM) Destri: some day
> (07:09:33 AM) pm-: what is happen
> (07:09:57 AM) teardrop: all your base are blong to us?
> (07:10:32 AM) lilia: robert1: i'm only 4 blocks away if you need
> reinforcements
> (07:14:06 AM) nharlotekk [~dkellogg at] entered the room.
> (07:14:19 AM) dr_jesus: Morning kids
> (07:14:20 AM) noisebot: dr_jesus, you have notes! [04:29] <niggachu> pony
> says it has no route to the doorbuzzer so it wouldn't buzz me into nb today.
>  I had to ring the doorbell like a commoner!
> (07:14:27 AM) dr_jesus: Hmmmmmmmmm
> (07:14:44 AM) lilia: ready for your morning dose of patrick drama?
> (07:14:45 AM) dr_jesus: What's this about donated property?  Of course we
> can dispose of donated property, it's totally legal
> (07:15:28 AM) dr_jesus: There's some paperwork you have to do but 1) it
> doesn't have to be done now and 2) all the situations which trigger
> paperwork only happen if someone's trying to write off the donation
> (07:15:44 AM) dr_jesus: and 3) it's optional if the object is <$500
> (07:15:53 AM) dr_jesus: Hey paul
> (07:16:50 AM) [ill]will left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
> (07:17:01 AM) Vrai [~vrai at] entered the room.
> (07:17:06 AM) rayc: Talking with officer
> (07:17:32 AM) rayc: Dr J good morning: do you approve swapping key for
> printer?
> (07:18:00 AM) dr_jesus: I don't see why we need his key back at all
> (07:18:03 AM) dr_jesus: It's not like he can't get another one
> (07:18:49 AM) DrShiny [~rachel- at] entered the room.
> (07:19:05 AM) dr_jesus: But sure
> (07:19:53 AM) DrShiny: so i just got a call, police at nb called by
> patrick, stuff, etc
> (07:21:02 AM) lilia: yes… robert/paul has been giving us the play-by-play
> here
> (07:21:39 AM) Vrai: Christ.
> (07:21:46 AM) dr_jesus: robert1: the magic words are "civil dispute"
> (07:22:03 AM) Destri: the key is symbolic of his agreement to never come
> back.  I'm thinking.
> (07:22:12 AM) rayc: The problem is that Patrick has the receipt for the
> printer in the wallet
> (07:22:20 AM) dr_jesus: So give him the printer
> (07:22:27 AM) dr_jesus: It's not like we can't get one of the other ones
> working
> (07:22:34 AM) rayc: We are disconnecting it as we speak.
> (07:22:40 AM) rayc: Here is the deal.
> (07:23:12 AM) rayc: Officer Milton will give Patrick the printer and
> strongly advise him to return key.
> (07:23:18 AM) rayc: in exchange.
> (07:23:57 AM) rayc: He recommends our lawyer serve notice on Patrick (i.e.,
> actually serve, not send email) that he is no longer allowed in space,.
> (07:24:34 AM) dr_jesus: Noted
> (07:24:49 AM) Vrai: robert1: Thank you for reporting on this.
> (07:25:18 AM) DrShiny: robert1:  thanks so much for dealing with this
> (07:25:39 AM) jsgf [~jeremy at c-98-210-109-72.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] entered
> the room.
> (07:26:08 AM) DrShiny: i don't know if we have patrick's address to serve
> him any kind of notice
> (07:26:18 AM) Vrai: That too. I'm not even awake enough to process this
> completely, let alone be dealing calmly w officers
> (07:26:27 AM) dr_jesus: just ignore that part, the officer doesn't know
> about our organization so he doesn't know what he's talking about
> (07:26:33 AM) DrShiny: robert1:  do you need any help over there
> (07:26:38 AM) DrShiny: i.e. More People
> (07:26:42 AM) rayc: No. Situation resolved.
> (07:26:51 AM) dr_jesus: Thanks!
> (07:27:01 AM) DrShiny: robert1:  thank you
> (07:27:12 AM) DrShiny: please pass that on to anyone else there as well
> (07:27:15 AM) Vrai: Gold star for you, robert1
> (07:27:40 AM) rayc: I (Paul V) have Patrick's key in hand.
> (07:28:07 AM) dr_jesus: I have a thought for that, some people will be by
> in an hour or two to get it
> (07:28:10 AM) dr_jesus: Will you be around?
> (07:28:19 AM) DrShiny: "some people"?
> (07:28:42 AM) dr_jesus: X and Q
> (07:29:01 AM) rayc: Patrick has represented to officer Milton Andaluz that
> (1) it is the only key he had; (2) the matter is resolved; (3) he will not
> return to the space.
> (07:29:15 AM) Destri: maybe the police officer can get his address for his
> "paperwork"
> (07:29:32 AM) DrShiny: i wouldn't push it
> (07:29:49 AM) rayc: We carried down the printer and projector stand and,
> following Patrick's representations to the Officer, turned them over to him.
> (07:30:02 AM) rayc: Here are the details.
> (07:30:26 AM) rayc: Responding Officer: Milton Andaluz badge #1851
> (07:30:51 AM) riosgrp90 left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
> (07:30:57 AM) rayc: Mission Station (415) 558-5400
> (07:31:13 AM) rayc: CAD #110540424
> (07:31:50 AM) Vrai: This will get reported to mailing list at some point,
> yeah? So everyone knows events
> (07:32:31 AM) rayc: We will copy this contemporaneous record to the NB
> mailing list.
> (07:32:36 AM) DrShiny: it would be awesome if robert1  or someone else who
> was there would do so
> (07:32:51 AM) DrShiny: heh
> (07:32:57 AM) jlf left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
> (07:32:59 AM) Vrai: Thanks, robert1
> (07:34:28 AM) Destri:  /Paul V
> (07:34:33 AM) rayc: It should be noted that Robert Albert Young Chu, aka
> rayc, showed exceptional courage under fire and persistence in defending the
> space and its property against the depredations of our onetime colleague
> (says Paul V.)

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