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Micah Lee twopointfour at riseup.net
Fri Feb 25 04:09:57 UTC 2011

FYI, Noisebridge has a jobs mailing list:

On 02/24/2011 06:51 PM, Jake wrote:
> I apologize if this post does not belong on the Discuss list.  If you feel 
> that way, please let me know off-list so as not to further traumatize 
> those who still monitor Discuss.   -jake
> ----------- forwarded message -------------
> Dear friends,
> If you like the work Rock The Bike is doing, please take a moment to pass
> this to a friend who'd be a good fit for our team and needs a part-time job.
> *The mission:* We're inventors and advocates on a mission to come up with
> better ways to get the bike message out into the broader community. We focus
> on:
> - Pedal Power (Fender Blender Bike Blenders, Pedal Powered Stage gear, and
> Pedal Power education rigs for schools, custom projects)
> - Cargo bike design, customization, and sales
> - The Down Low Glow (Side Visibility bike light)
> - Pedal Powering music events (Maker Faire, Bicycle Music Festival, San
> Francisco Marathon, Sunday Streets, and street performances by Fossil Fool,
> the Bike Rapper)
> We are looking for:
> *Support!* Engineer Leif and found Paul need our hands free to do project
> work and grow the business. We need someone who can learn these ropes:
> - Inside sales (phone, online, in the shop, and at events)
> - Customer service by phone and email
> - Customer traffic management. Help us move orders through our system and
> improve our on-time record.
> - Web site content management -  product descriptions, product photos,
> blogging, editing.
> - Shipping arrangements - Fedex Ship Manager, & international shipping
> experience a plus
> - Order entry and payments in Quickbooks
> - Occasional packing and shipping
> *Small business chops: *
> - By spending time around small businesses you develop a feel for what's
> important on any given week or day. Sometimes it's cleaning the shop.
> Sometimes it's drumming up business. Sometimes it's solving a nagging
> problem on the web site. We'd love to work with someone who has these
> instincts and knows how to take action.
> *
> Outreach and sales:*
> In 2011 there are so many ways to reach new customers. What are the ones
> you're most comfortable with? What are some examples of outreach and sales
> work you've done in the past that are relevant to Rock The Bike?
> *
> Bike love: *
> - The bike movement needs creativity and finesse to continue growing. What
> elements do you bring? What are some of the social biking experiences that
> got you interested or keep you motivated?
> *
> Creative skills:*
> Graphic Design, Video, music, choreography? What are some of your favorite
> creative realms? How have you applied these to an organization or business
> in the past?
> *
> Where and how we work: *
> On any given day there are 1-3 people working in our Berkeley Workshop. The
> workshop is close to downtown and is part of a community that includes our
> welder and the East Bay Bike Coalition. Our event schedule peaks in the
> summer months and backs off in the winter. Events are all optional, and some
> are paid. Working in the East Bay is a must at first, during the training
> phase, but we would not rule out working from SF or your home office and we
> use tools like Google docs and LogMeIn to make remote work possible.
> *Time and pay: *
> We are seeking 10-20 hours / week during the training phase at the start,
> more as you learn more and contribute more. Pay starts at $14 / hour and
> rises to 17 / hour after the training phase is complete. Generating sales
> leads and actual sales for the business will be the key element in both
> increasing the hours from half to full time, and in increasing the pay.
> Perks include... access to wholesale bike parts, great seats at Bicycle
> Music Festival, bike powered coffee grinder.
> Employee:
> You will be working as an employee, not a contractor.
> Please write an email to paul at rockthebike.com  (hopefully addressing some of
> the questions above) and include a resume (shorter is better). I want to
> stress that although we are in need of support, this is also a great
> entrepreneurial opportunity for the right person. Our field is growing and
> filled with smart committed people. Rock The Bike has been in business since
> 2003 and in many ways our best days are ahead of us.
> Yours,
> Paul

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