[Noisebridge-discuss] Our possible zeroth declared Persona non grata

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Fri Feb 25 09:06:35 UTC 2011

On 02/24/2011 10:59 PM, Jason Dusek wrote:
>   Please note that we no longer have a single member handling
>   the correspondence and statements. These four persons:
>  .  Rachel Hospodar
>  .  Rachel McConnell
>  .  Al Sweigart
>  .  Leif Ryge
>   and only these four, are empowered to forward the compilation
>   now that it is available. This is to cover those times when I
>   am, for example, asleep.
>   Good night.

"Those who spell magic with a 'K', aren't." --Anton LeVay

I've heard that some people think that I might move to block the removal
of Patrick; I wanted to address this because I won't make the next meeting.

I wanted to write and say that it's quite sad to imagine that
Noisebridge has finally reached a point of removing people. Partially
because removal of a person from Noisebridge is a serious phase shift
for the group. Partially because it's such a heavy handed action on
behalf of the group. Also because it's pretty harsh for the person being

I think Patrick has a right to defend himself. There is an important
point to be made about due process - we have proxies for this very
reason. He should be able to face his accusers and in their absence,
their proxies. It will be obvious to most of the group if he is actually
able to make amends. If the people who are currently upset are somehow
removed from their fear, I imagine they will share this with the group.

Even with some semblance of due process, I think Noisebridge as a group
has a right to send him on his way. Many people are beyond uncomfortable
with his behavior - some even want to involve the police.

I generally believe that we should probably ask Patrick to go on his way
without formal consensus.

Still, I support the right of Noisebridge to defend our own. I would
absolutely not block the removal of Patrick in a formal sense.

In some ways, this is different from previous Noisebridge action: It
will be the first formal consensus on the matter. In some ways, it's
actually more of the same. I've personally removed more than one
homophobic, sexist, aspie jerk from Noisebridge myself. I know that I am
not alone in this.

So in that sense, what is the removal of any misogynistic person with
stalker-like behavior, who makes people actively uncomfortable? What is
it to have a formal proceeding to remove such a person from the group?

A win for Noisebridge, that's what. If the accusations are true, I think
it's more than reasonable to remove Patrick from Noisebridge.

So, I really did want to write and say that it was sad but I can't. I'm
not sad at all. Frankly, it's awesome to see people come together and
defend members of the group who are mortified, terrified, supremely
uncomfortable, sexually harassed, and worse. The people in agreement
here is simply astounding. I mean, I'm floored by Patrick's only
contribution to Noisebridge - he's brought us together in unity on a
topic other than the general existence of Noisebridge! Hip Hip,
sarcastic Hooray! Sigh.

It appears that Patrick has been told on many occasions that he has
upset people, he has failed to rectify these issues, he has continued
amidst the concerns, he has entirely failed to listen, let alone
acknowledge what has been said to him. He does not appear to want to
take corrective action and people in Noisebridge feel unsafe. This
demonstrates a clear desire to not be a part of Noisebridge and to not
have any desire to work within the boundaries of Noisebridge or within
the comfort zones of the people in Noisebridge.

I'm sorry that I'll miss the next meeting, I hope that all of the people
who feel unsafe find a voice in a proxy they trust; hopefully everyone
there will be a voice of calm but firm reason and rationality.

In an ideal world, Patrick will come with concrete actions planned to
make amends, to actually apologize to those that are very clearly
offended and to try to fix what he has wronged. Also in an ideal world,
the concerned will come with a list of corrective action to be taken
that will positively make amends. In the end, I hope that Patrick will
accept the Will of the group. Even if it may wish for him to walk away,
even if the group does not feel that he is able to make amends at this time.

Perhaps eventually, there will be some kind of resolution that is easily
acceptable for all sides. However, the people of Noisebridge who feel
unsafe must not feel driven away; they come first.

In solidarity,

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