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Simone Davalos simone at combots.net
Mon Feb 28 20:26:18 UTC 2011

Hey Noisebridgians,

RoboGames 2011 is having an exapnsion of our yearly academic symposium.  
We would love NBers and their cohort to consider submitting projects.  
The speaker's line up for RG 2011 promises to be pretty awesoem as well. 
All presentations will be pecha-kucha style.  If you have any other 
lists to which this might be appropriate, please forward!

Web site is here: http://robogames.net/ed-CFP.php

Text is below!



2011 Call For Papers & Projects

RoboGames 2011 - Symposium and competition
San Francisco, California - April 15-17th, 2011

*The Role Of Human-Machine Interaction In Robotics Research
Cross-Disciplinary Robotic Advancements And Studies*

RoboGames (in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon, Cal State Maritime, and 
the Robotics Society of America) is pleased to announce an expanded 
presentation format for RoboGames 2011. RoboGames, the world's largest 
open robot competition, seeks to promote disciplinary cross-pollination 
among engineers, programmers, researchers, academics, artists, 
scientists, and hobbyists in a forum where both academia and the general 
public participate.

The purpose of the RoboGames 2011 symposium is to facilitate discussion 
between participants, with an opportunity for the general public to 
observe and take part. RoboGames has long been a nexus point for a 
variety of disciplines related to science, engineering, and robotics, 
and has also been an incubator for innovative approaches to Science, 
Technology Engineering and Math education. The RoboGames symposium will 
add an extra dimension to the competition by providing a venue to 
discuss theoretical and practical applications.

Submissions welcome from designers, engineers, developers and others 
engaged in any form of human-machine interaction, machine learning, 
integration of human feedback in robotics development, robotic 
development via gameplay, competition, or live performance, and 
innovations stemming from other, unorthodox research in robotics. This 
symposium will present a unique opportunity to engage in discussion, 
disseminate information about current and developing technology, and 
invite colleagues to experiment and field test up and coming theories on 
human machine interaction.

The Symposium is broken up into two components, Papers and Projects. You 
do not have to have a physical project if submitting a paper, and you do 
not need to submit a paper if submitting a project (although submitting 
both is encouraged.)

Papers on human-machine interaction and the role of robotics in a human 
interactive sphere are welcome, as are any papers on the topic of 
machine learning, human machine interaction, and real world applications 
of autonomous robotics. The RoboGames 2011 Academic Track Robotics 
symposium provides an opportunity at the RoboGames 2011 International 
Competition, for both practitioners and researchers to present advances 
made through real world robotic interactive scenarios, human-robot 
interfaces, and machine learning. Both new and existing papers welcome.

In addition, this symposium's aim is to provide a focused venue for 
highlighting robotics efforts that have benefited from non-traditional 
research frameworks, such as gameplay, competition or live performance. 
Selected papers are welcome to bring demos (especially if they are fire 
breathing or can make cocktails.)

In addition, if you work or play in the academics, gaming, performance, 
engineering, software, DIY or maker communities, and would like to 
present your project or survey research at RoboGames 2011, we welcome 
your submissions. You should also submit if you are interested in 
introducing new methods and emerging application ideas made possible by 
these novel frameworks.

Accepted authors/presenters must be able to attend and are invited to 
share their work with fellow researchers and RoboGames attendees through
1. A dedicated roundtable workshop Saturday morning, April 16, 2011
2. Short, on-stage presentations as part of the afternoon RoboGames 
speaker series, April 16-17, 2011

*All symposium participants are strongly encouraged to compete in any of 
the 70 events held at RoboGames.* For those who have a robot that does 
not fit into a normal category (humanoid, fire-fighting, sumo, 
RoboMagellan, etc.), you may enter any robot into the Best of Show 
<http://robogames.net/rules/best.php> category. The Best of Show event 
carries a $2500 prize purse (60/30/10 split), sponsored by Google.

*Submission Guidelines:*
The RoboGames 2011 paper submission should be a 6-page paper prepared in 
the ACM Extended Abstract Format, submitted in PDF format (only!) to:
papers at robogames.net <mailto:papers at robogames.net> You can find the 
Extended Abstract format template at: 

Symposium papers would be reviewed and selected for presentation at the 
RoboGames symposium April 15-17th, 2011. The RoboGames symposium 
proceedings will be made available on the RoboGames 2011 website after 
the event. Examples of past papers presented at RoboGames can be found 
here <http://robogames.net/papers/papers-2007.php>.

*Deadline for Submission:* Please submit papers via email to 
papers at robogames.net <mailto:papers at robogames.net> by midnight PST, 
March 26, 2011.
Decisions Announced: April 1

*Topics of Interest:*
We invite participants to submit presentations on topics including, but 
not limited to:

    * technical innovations
    * groundbreaking designs
    * unexpected breakthroughs
    * intersections of fields
    * the role of spectators

Reasonable and creative expansions on these themes are encouraged.

Multi-robot coordination, audience and people tracking, gameplay with 
robots, robot competitions, entertainment robots, robot design, 
human-robot interaction

ACM Classification Keywords
H.5. Information interfaces and presentation (e.g., HRI);
I.2.8 Artificial Intelligence: Problem Solving, Control Methods, and 
I.2.9 Artificial Intelligence: Robotics;
K.3.1 Computer Uses in Education

Please direct any question about RoboGames 2011 symposium to 
papers at robogames.net <mailto:papers at robogames.net>

*Committee: *
Heather Knight - Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Strange - California State Maritime Academy
David Calkins - The Robotics Society of America
Ed Katz, PhD - Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley
Jonathan Foote, PhD - IEEE
Larry Klingenberg - San Francisco State University
Erico Guizzo - IEEE
Simone Davalos - Robotics Society of America

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