[Noisebridge-discuss] Makerbot repair operation - parts ordered, who wants to help?

Gian Pablo Villamil gian.pablo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 17:14:27 UTC 2011

I've decided to bring the Makerbot back to life, and improve it. Based
on my experience with my own Makerbot (which is now really solid),
I've ordered:

- a new extruder (Mk 5), it includes a relay board for controlling the
heater and heated build platform, which avoids overloading the MOSFETs
- a new extruder control board (apparently the existing one has lost
its magic smoke)
- heated build platform (this one is temperature regulated via a thermistor)
- a new motherboard (just in case)

and 5 lbs of bright red ABS plastic.

All this requires some assembly and testing. Who wants to work with me
on this? Parts should be arriving today or tomorrow.

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