[Noisebridge-discuss] $500 donation - what would noisebridge do with it?

jim jim at well.com
Tue Jan 4 18:11:37 UTC 2011

   here are two tasks: lighting and the wash area. 

   we can benefit from improved lighting: 
* save power (electricity bills) 
* see things better 
   the main need is to remove some lights from the 
ceiling and to suspend some lights in good spots. 
   this is pretty much a matter of labor with very 
little necessary additional cost: a few fittings 
and screws for each fixture. 
   we can save money on the electrical bill if we 
replace the old transformer-style ballasts in the 
fluorescent lights with new electronic style 
ballasts. to do so requires about $30 per ballast 
and some screwing and rewiring labor. it seems 
possible to me that we might be able to use one 
ballast for two light fixtures. 
   i have made very slow progress lately, partly 
because of other contending obligations, partly 
for lack of help, mainly in two areas: 
* pulling wires into pipes 
* removing and/or installing new light fixtures 
   both jobs sometimes require more than two hands. 
the work itself is not difficult. 

   we can also address the "washing" area that is 
behind the kitchen sinks where a washing stall and 
washing machines are to be installed. 
   what's needed there is to ensure that any pipe 
or other work necessarily done in the walls is 
complete (possibly some more plumbing and maybe 
some venting) and then put up sheetrock on the wall 
studs, install tile on the floor, mud and caulk 
and paint, then put in any conduit for electrical 
   the washing stall probably needs a pan to be 
installed, which is somewhat specialized business.    
   seems to me we should be sure to have a plan 
before just doing things do-ocracy style. 
   most of the materials and tools are here. i bet 
that we'll need to purchase a few things, not much, 
as we do the job. 

On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 01:44 -0800, Patrick Keys wrote:
> Long story short, I get paid next week.  I had planned and budgeted a 
> month ago to donate $500 to Noisebridge, with the condition that the 
> money be spent on some sort of improvements, projects, or combination of 
> things that we generally agree (members and non-members alike) would 
> improve the space (not rent).
> So use this thread to discuss and reach a consensus.
> Patrick
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