[Noisebridge-discuss] thursday work party

Liz Henry liz at bookmaniac.org
Thu Jan 6 16:59:36 UTC 2011

On 1/4/11 11:16 AM, jim wrote:
>    thanks to liz henry, i'll arrive at noisebridge 
> a little before 10 AM thursday morning to do work, 
> probably until mid-afternoon. 
>    please join liz and me and carry things, screw 
> screws, dismantle things, install things, generally 
> make better. even a little bit of time will help. 

I'll be there around 10:30 this morning, ready to screw!

Replacing the ballasts sounded like a great idea but whatever you have
set up, I'll help out with that.

Future project idea: Noise-reducing and dust-reducing heavy curtains
over the space above the shop and classrooms walls.  A few hooks in the
ceiling over the gaps, hang some curtain rods, add heavy curtains with
very long curtain rods.  This would make a good sound baffle.  In the
summer the curtains could be still drawn if the small rooms get too stuffy.

- Liz

Liz Henry
lizhenry at gmail.com

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