[Noisebridge-discuss] Donations in, crap out : Reusing my surplus, recycling Noisebridge's waste

Corey McGuire coreyfro at coreyfro.com
Fri Jan 7 09:51:05 UTC 2011

So I have a bunch of Miscellaneous stuff that I think has value but I cannot
justify keeping any more because I am moving.  I want to donate it to
NB...lots of electronics, lots of books, lots of novelty.

But I am sure there are people who are afraid of accruing more clutter at

I am going to donate it anyway, but to offset my clutter footprint, I am
going to offer the services of my u-haul (when I move) to remove waste from
noisebridge.  I don't know where to take e-waste yet, but I know I will have
a u-haul mid February.

I will bring my donations soon, I will bring my u-haul mid February.  I
leave it to the folks at noisebridge to take advantage of my offer.
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