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> > Damn, you're on to my nefarious plot to overwhelm the negative
> interpersonal
> > politics of Noisebridge with actual hacking and positive, supportive
> > conversations!  Meddling kids!
> While I of course totally support your agenda, could you maybe do it
> in another timeslot? Some of us are required to attend the meeting for
> treasury reasons and like to get back to our homes in the east bay at
> a reasonable hour because we work full time and really need to stop
> showing up at noon and having to stay till 8pm and oh gee, lookit the
> time. I need to go to work.
> Maybe we should have the membership meeting at 7 and have
> awesomefuntimes afterwards?
I want this before the meeting, so any newbies who show up "for the meeting"
see awesomesauce before they see the sausage being made.

I also want it time limited, 7:30 to 8:00, adjusted for local
burner-time/relativistic time dilation.  New folks are often on-time or only
a few minutes late (aka "early"), so this is a good thing to have going on
before y'all get into the nitty-gritty of the block-threatening (err,
consensus) process.
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