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On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 3:11 PM, Noisebridge Treasurer <
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> > Damn, you're on to my nefarious plot to overwhelm the negative
> interpersonal
> > politics of Noisebridge with actual hacking and positive, supportive
> > conversations!  Meddling kids!
> While I of course totally support your agenda, could you maybe do it
> in another timeslot? Some of us are required to attend the meeting for
> treasury reasons and like to get back to our homes in the east bay at
> a reasonable hour because we work full time and really need to stop
> showing up at noon and having to stay till 8pm and oh gee, lookit the
> time. I need to go to work.

Honestly, I overstated a bit how hard it was to have a meeting (For
instance, no-one was nominated to get thrown out. Basically, I try to be
accurate in these meeting notes about everyone else, but may mess around a
bit when it's about what *I'm* doing/saying/thinking.)

If there are no points for discussion and consensus, and no new folk who
haven't been at a meeting, we can bang through the key points, which are the
financial data and the member's binder pretty quickly. Everything else is
mostly either "introduction to noisebridge" boilerplate, which we can also
switch to the end if need be. Anything that causes people to rush through
meeting to get back to the fun stuff I think is good.

(I don't think the treasurer has to stay for the whole thing either NO

> Maybe we should have the membership meeting at 7 and have
> awesomefuntimes afterwards?
I am egoistically sympathetic to this suggestion -- it would mean that I
could more easily do it when it's a schoolday and I have Ada, and it gives
more time to write up notes etc afterwards.

Realistically it would be hard work to cat-herd all the public statements
we've made about it though, and I also think it would require consensus to
make a significant change.

Let's mull it some more, and if it's not too controversial, perhaps you and
I can propose it for consensus in a future week, and see if we can get
agreement. I don't want to hurry into proposing it though -- we should let
show and tell settle down for a few weeks first. I *did* like Show & Tell
before the meeting if it's not going to delay things consistently, and 6.30
seems too early for an earlier event. Having Show & Tell afterwards I think
wouldn't feel the same; part of the strategy for S&T is to put people into a
happy, productive hackery mood before the meeting, and that seemed to work
well last week.


> -K
> On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 10:57, Josh Myer <josh at joshisanerd.com> wrote:
> > On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 12:24 AM, Danny O'Brien <danny at spesh.com> wrote:
> >>
> >> Meeting Notes 2011 01 04
> >>
> >> Agenda
> >>
> >> The 142nd Meeting of Noisebridge
> >>
> >> Note-taker: Danny O'Brien
> >>
> >> Moderator: Danny O'Brien
> >>
> >> It was a total nightmare. First of all, Josh organised this whole "Show
> >> and Tell" (Tuesdays, 7.30) thing right before, so instead of limbering
> up
> >> for proper consensus and correct producedure, everyone sat around
> looking at
> >> Mike's ingenious elevator light LED hack and how he planned it, and a
> new
> >> kind of logic analyser that's basically just six wires and a USB
> connector,
> >> and some routers(?). Then they all discussed the hacks they were working
> on,
> >> and some ideas they were mulling, and sought out advice and shared
> knowledge
> >> with their peers.
> >>
> >> This was all apparently so "interesting" that by the time anyone wanted
> to
> >> stop, it was 8.20 already so basically we'd already screwed up the whole
> >> rules and procedures of the meeting. Nice job, Josh. Real smooth.
> >
> > Damn, you're on to my nefarious plot to overwhelm the negative
> interpersonal
> > politics of Noisebridge with actual hacking and positive, supportive
> > conversations!  Meddling kids!
> > Oh well.  I might as well go bigger next week, and say that we'll be in
> the
> > couch area, with the projector available for software demos or people's
> > YouTube/Vimeo documentation of the projects they've been hacking at.
> > Seriously, though, Show-and-Tell was a really low-key event this week,
> and
> > it was still pretty awesome.  Next week should be even better, since I'm
> > going to actually announce it properly and then remind people about it.
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