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Sat Jan 8 01:18:53 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 9:22 AM, Dave Johnson <dave at chenerystreet.com> wrote:
> Hi Noisebridgers,
> 1) I have an old Weller soldering station, and after a small disaster, I bought a replacement cord for the iron (TC-201P). Alas, the sockets that terminate the cord at the heater are locked into a piece of black plastic, and require a specific tool to remove gracefully. And of course I don't have the tool. Decidedly ungraceful attempts were made, ending in frustration.  A little research turned up this:
> 2) I recently re-organized my workshop, and have a box of electronics stuff I don't need anymore. I don't have a full list handy, but there's a circuit-board-holding Panavise head, a UV eraser (does anybody do that anymore?), bundles of wire-wrapping wire, a nice breadboard with banana jacks, and a bunch of other stuff. I wanted to offer it up to folks who might want it before trashing whatever's left.
>What's the procedure here? Is there one? Should I just bring the box to the space and let people paw through it >and take what they want?

I responded to this email and received this donation for Noisebridge,
while I was at Noisebridge, this afternoon!  Many thanks to Dave!!
[sorry, this isn't the official thank-you of write-off officialdom]

The following special message is intended for Nb-Discuss, (please turn
on your san-serif equal-space fonts now)

Cool things of note are a precious bundle of wire wrap and a wire wrap
tool, a DB-25 rs232 cable teseter, the UV eraser, and the other
aforementioned items.

||----Nota bene on these donations, and the elab (aka, a hi-pro-lotip)-----||
In this case, since a receipt was exchanged, the donations are part of
Noisebridge and should remain at Noisebridge for use in the
common-pool (shoutout to Jfoote!)

Currently as far as supplies go, the Noisebridge electronics lab can
use donations of unused or spare general electrics lab tools
(soldering irons, solder, angle nippers, wire strippers, and wire),
'wall-wart' ac/dc supplies, bench equipment of course, and more.  It's
a best practice to ask about donations on this list but also possible
to drop-in during Circuit Hacking Mondays.

That's the story with lab supplies.  The lab always needs more
donations of time though!  If you are interested or skilled in
electronics we need folks to continue identifying, labelling, and
sorting equipment in person as well as on the Noisebridge wiki.
Although we label and sort until we are blue in the face on Circuit
Hacking Mondays, I don't have best practices for this ONLINE sorting
process yet, and I would like the group of heavy e-lab users to
collaborate on useful wikification practictes.

||---general Nota bene about donations versus grab-bags---||
Sometimes people donate common items that accumulate in number:  we
have many coffee makers and a few toaster ovens and even multiple
'Foreman' griddles.   I think we should deal with it in 3 ways

1)Encourage people to use the space as a neutral meeting ground to
transfer things directly between folks who are getting rid of
something and folks who can use it.  It's central and accessible by
many means of transit, which can share the burden of donating small
things.  This is not usable as a  write-off, but is beneficial to our
community in other ways.
However! I caution donors against blind drops -- abandoned goods are
an anarcho-syndicalist robot army waiting for assignment to march back
into the world!

2)Donate your useful items that Noisebridge doesn't accept to the
Community Thrift Store a block away from Noisebridge at 623 Valencia.
When you donate goods to Community thrift, you declare it in the name
of a charity on their roster.  Once I get a copy of TAXFORM_XX from
the Noisebridge treasurer, I can complete and send out the application
to have Noisebridge's name added to the charity roster (I really
should just do a search for '$TAXFORM_XX' + 'Noisebridge', yay

3) This is the mosdef fun/fund-raising option.  Have a 5Minute raffle
for more unique and fun, yet unused donations during 5moF.


lesson MMXI.I: quick notes quickly transform to treatises.

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