[Noisebridge-discuss] second draft of Signal to Noise

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Sat Jan 8 04:25:29 UTC 2011

Tidied up formatting, took away stale stories, added some new ones.

Hey Kelly, did I get the new bank figures right in the first story?

I started getting twinges of guilt because, no matter how I try to change my
it's always going to look a bit like http://www.ntk.net/ used to be, so I
mailed my old
co-editors to see if the 'homage' is okay with them.  Assuming they say okay
(and I do think they will, though I think in the most sarcastic way
possible), I'll send it
out tomorrow.

If you'd like to help put the next issue together, there's now a
Signal 2 Noise editors list you can join:

After I send this one out, I'll take the newsletter chatter off nb-discuss
and onto that.

Any mail to the S2N editorial address ( noiserat at noisebridge.net ) will get
forwarded to this new list,
but it will go into pre-moderation first so that people will have prior
warning that what they have sent us
will end up on a publicly indexed mailing list. The mail will be sent with
Reply-To: noiserat at noisebridge.net
so people can just hit reply to send us stuff.

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