[Noisebridge-discuss] LEDs in scarves...

T t at of.net
Sat Jan 8 08:26:37 UTC 2011

>> Jonathan draws some serious power,
>> so he needs a little more than 2 components,
>> probably even more than the 5 components in Fig. 5,
>> to control current and efficiency more accurately
>> than the ZXSC380, which is more optimized for blinkenlights
>> (well, ok, 200kHz blinkenlights,
>> so it looks continuous to the human eye)
>> running off a single 1.5V-ish battery.
> That looks like an awesome chip. Hey Meredith, consider it for your
> next Starboard fab.

And check out the circuit-without-a-circuitboard picture on this page-
seems ideal for embedding in clothing ... maybe in a tube or straw ...
as long as it doesn't get hot!


Is suspect a button battery would work in lieu of a AA for less weight...


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