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Noisebridge Treasurer treasurer at noisebridge.net
Sat Jan 8 21:47:10 UTC 2011

I think your numbers look about right but here are quarterly reports
for 2010 to double check.

Caveats for these:
*In Q4, our utilities numbers are artificially deflated because PG&E
returned our deposit as a credit to the account and I haven't figured
out how to fix it in the reconciliations yet.
*Beverage and Tshirt income are still stabilizing. These numbers may
not reflect actual income, but only the income we were able to track.
Sometimes it ends up in general donations.
*Q1-3 are Jeffrey's data, and I haven't checked all of it.

The one thing I would say is dicey is that I don't know where this
figure came from:
> Noisebridge has historically paid its bills with about 2/3rds from
> our relatively stable membership dues, and the rest from casual
> donations.

Hence the attachment of Q1-3. Looking at these I would say that it's
clear that there is some fluctuation in membership dues, but it looks
like it goes up and down every other month, which could definitely be
due to reconciliation error (i.e. reconciling Jan dues in Feb's
income) but I'm not sure. I haven't done any long-term numbers yet, so
I can't tell you what the averages are or anything.

Anyway, that's the deal. Thanks for checking!


On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 20:29, Danny O'Brien <danny at spesh.com> wrote:
> Doh! It always helps to INCLUDE THE ATTACHMENT
> Subject: Signal To Noise 2011-01-07 #1
>    .-'`-.     Signal To Noise V11.01(Beta)-rc7
>    z    !/|
>    z    !\|   the international journal
>    `-'`-      of the noisebridge hackerspace
> In this issue:
>> Meredith Scheff-King is ALL SCARF, ALL THE TIME
> sub/unsub:      http://nburl.net/nbannounce
> send your news: just hit "reply"
> This February, Noisebridge will not disappear in a white hole of
> debt, anguish and sheet rock dust. You all stepped up, and in a few
> weeks we went from having little cartoon flies buzzing out of the
> cartoon wallet to blowing past our canonical hackerspace float of
> three months costs in advance ($15K). In December, we took $4,360 in
> dues, and $5,675.60 in extra donations. Compare that to say, September,
> when we only recorded $365 in extra donations.
> Noisebridge has historically paid its bills with about 2/3rds from
> our relatively stable membership dues, and the rest from casual
> donations. We're mostly fixed the overdue dues problem thanks to
> Kelly's excellent financial forensics, but Noisebridge is still prone
> to economic boom-bust on the rand()*(donations) front.
> A lot of you drop a few bucks in the box when you come by, and thank
> you, you're awesome. But just as you don't have to a member of
> Noisebridge to use the space for whatever, you don't have to be a
> full member to make a pre-programmed regular donation. Turn those few
> bucks into a monthly electronic payment of just $10 or $20, and
> you'll always have a Gentlemen And Ladies Space Within Which To Hack.
> Plus less of this irregular NPR-style pledge-drive spazzing. Go on!
> http://nburl.net/autopay
> Mfb broke into our PayPal account and wrote a script at it:
> http://cha-ching.noisebridge.net/
> $10 dude! You pay more than that in dropbox or Ritual or watercress or
> something:
> http://nburl.net/tendollars
> Thanks uptown guys, living on your uptown pies:
> http://uptownalmanac.com/2011/01/update-noisebridge-raises-hella-cash-staying-open
>          Noisebridge's Scanning Electron Microscope is getting better
>          every day: Mike and Andy got it working up to 20,000x.
>          Schematics and pics uploaded to:
>          http://nburl.net/microscope
>          THE TEA ROOM is no more! Zed and Shannon went on a
>          stairs-constructing rampage and constructed a space you can
>          walk up to, on your legs. It still works for tea drinking.
>          OMG Nick bought a VENDING MACHINE. The compressor is
>          putting the "noise" back into Noisebridge, but we are
>          working on that. Service manual, baud rates at:
>          http://nburl.net/vend
>          That BUILD-OUT MESS by the touch-panel was magicked away
>          into the Even Darker Room (aka the Scott Memorial Storage
>          Room). The ADA BATHROOM got grab-bars c/o Miloh.
>          http://nburl.net/map
>          Eric and Chung-Hay of Sensebridge launched their HEART SPARK
>          heatbeat-sensitive necklace to universal Internets acclaim!
>          Eric's in Toronto now, hanging out with our hacklab.to
>          sisters, but C-H is still about, and working on new
>          projects, including a heartbeat scarf. Scarfs are cool.
>          http://sensebridge.net/projects/heart-spark/
>          http://bunnymeetsbean.blogspot.com/
>          MC Hawking, the wheelchair robot, now has an embedded PC for
>          a brain, and is possibly conspiring with our IRC noisebot.
>          He is unmetaphorically deadly so do not stand too close.
>          Jake "No, the One With Dreadlocks" is the keeper.
>          https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Noise-Bot
>          Sean made a Tron suit out of 190 proper LEDs and not boring
>          EL wire like you thought. He's like Tron Guy : Legacy!
>          http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-lit-Tron-v20-suit/
>          (From the Cyborg list: http://nburl.net/cyborg-l )
>    <<< Want to let us know what you do and what you want from Noisebridge?
>    <<< Take the 5 minute Noisepoll now! http://j.mp/noisepoll
> All the usual suspects at https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Category:Events
> plus:
>> Show and Tell!
> Every Tuesday, 7.30PM
> We're all like blah-blah-blah-I-have-a-great-idea-for-an-electrocution-hat -
> but sometimes its hard to motivate oneself to take that cool idea
> and turn it into a real thing. Show and Tell is our new event, where you
> show what you're working on, no matter how early and hackish.
> The only rule is that you've got to demo something *real*.
> Okay, maybe there are other rules. Just don't turn it into "Might Club":
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Show_and_Tell
>> Members Annual Meeting, Board Elections
> Tuesday, January 18, 2011
> Due to a fencepost error in our bylaws interpreter, the 2010 Annual members
> meeting will take place on January 18, 2011. We'll vote on the new board
> using
> the most unfathomably fair proportional voting system we can muster
> (probably
> condorcet), then unceremoniously strip them of all power in a bloodless
> coup.
> Members in good standing can vote as hard as they like, but it still won't
> do
> anything. Frob the vote:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Off-by-one_error
>> Neural Net Workshop!
> Wednesday, January 26, 2011
> Mike Schachter says: the Machine Learning group at Noisebridge wants
> to teach you! We're holding a workshop on constructing and using
> neural networks, to raise Neural Network Awareness (NNA) and money
> for Noisebridge. Bring laptops and small bills:
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Neural_Network_Workshop
>> Noisebridge Book Club!
> Miah implies without explicitly stating: "I'm starting a NB book club
> on Goodreads. We can be virtual or have actual meetings":
> http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/41745.Noisebridge_Book_Club
> MEREDITH SCHEFF-KING won the Awesome Foundation's monthly $1000 award
> for her proposal to make 30 scarves in January. Signal to Noise
> caught her attacking her third scarf in the space, and plagued her
> with dumb questions:
>> So is this three scarfs of the day or one you're making right now?
> It's one; the scarf of today is reconfigurable with one or two or three
> free-floating sections.
>> Are you planning out the whole month beforehand, or are you taking
>   it one scarf at a time?
> Well, I went into it with more than thirty scarf ideas, but
> ultimately I'm making them one at a time. I don't want to plan too
> far ahead. I work better spontaneously.
>> How much your time are you setting aside for this?
> All of it. I'm not doing much else but making scarves this month. At some
> point I'm going to have to get groceries, I guess.
>> Okay, I have to ask. Why scarves?
> I love warm, fuzzy things. I'm sort of a chilly person. I grew up in
> the Central Valley, where it's over 100 degrees a lot of the time, so
> it's always cold by comparison. And I like making art that I wear.
> With a lot of my work, like the cartooning or the construction you
> don't know if anyone sees the end result. It might be that noone sees
> it.
>> But if you're wearing, you get to see the reaction?
> Yes! Also, people know what they're seeing. It's not like an artwork
> where you have to explain to the audience what they're seeing first.
> They already know it's a scarf. They know what it's supposed to do.
>> I saw that you were agonising on your Twitter stream about keeping two
>> craft
>   centers, one at your home and one at Noisebridge. Where do you think
> you're
>   going to spend most of your time this month?
> Well, this is scarf three, and the first one I'm making at NB. It
> gets lonely making stuff at home. I'm very distractable, but it's
> easier to avoid that here, strangely. Like, I can choose not to bring
> my computer here, but I can't *not* have it at my apartment.
>> Does it help you finish a project when you have a clear goal like this?
> A bit. Mainly, though, it's the publicity that encourages you to keep
> going. When the Awesome Foundation mailed me I'd won the award for
> January, I'd actually almost forgotten I'd applied.  And then they
> told me all the blogs and people that they'd already told. I was like
> "uh-oh, I guess I'd better actually do this". Then of course, the
> economics of taking a month off for $1K doesn't work out, so I
> started a Kickstarter project to get the rest of the money, and I
> thought "Whoa, now I really *really* have to do this."
> I guess it sounds kind of bad, but I do like it when my projects do
> the rounds on the Internet. Like the Northskirt -- that was such a
> lot of work, and so is this. It makes me happy to know people see it.
>> Do you know where you're going to show all the scarves yet?
> Actually, no -- I haven't had a moment of time away from scarves to
> call around galleries.
> (Miloh shouts from the kitchen that Meredith's rice is boiling.
> Finally distracted, she runs off to grab five precious minutes of
> non-scarf scarfing.)
> Info on the scarf-of-the-month from eponymous Awesome Foundation:
> http://nburl.net/scarfaday
> Help support Meredith:
> http://nburl.net/scarfdonate
> She blogs!
> http://ladycartoonist.com/
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Noisebridge is San Francisco's non-profit hackerspace, open to anyone
> wishing to explore the creative uses of technology. Join us at:
>             2169 Mission St, San Francisco, California
> Our One Minute Preamble: http://nburl.net/preamble
> Our Vision:              http://nburl.net/vision
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>   #1 // 2001-01-07 // cc-by-sa // (un)sub http://nburl.net/nbannounce
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> ObThanks: nb-discuss; lee and dave for letting me steal that template back
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