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Sun Jan 9 06:42:06 UTC 2011

Robby -

Hopefully you know enough about the group to know that we'd love to welcome
you into the fold. An internship at noisebridge is an interesting
proposition since there really isn't any sort of management structure. I
think it could work if you could find one or more people willing to mentor
you in a few different areas. Probably the best way to do this is to swing
by the space and start talking to people on one of the nights that Liz
mentioned. If you find several people doing things that interest you, and
they are also willing to help you out, I think your proposition could fly.

Hopefully we'll all get a chance to meet you soon!


On Jan 8, 2011 10:31 PM, "Liz Henry" <liz at bookmaniac.org> wrote:

On 1/8/11 9:42 PM, Robby wrote:
> Dear Noise Bridge,
> My name is Robby Tong and I am senior partici...

> Please let me know if you might be interested in having a student intern
> working at Noise Bridge...
Hi Robby,

I'm probably not the person to teach you electronics, but I think it
would be great for you to do your internship at Noisebridge. Fabulous
idea!  If I can help out with your paperwork or by talking with your
teacher, I'd be happy to do that part of the formalities.

You can come by the space anytime, but I recommend Monday evening for
Circuit Hacking Monday and Tuesday night for the Show and Tell and the
weekly meeting, so that you meet lots of people and find someone to work
with.  Come in the afternoon, introduce yourself and take a look around.
 Someone who is regularly around doing electronics work may be willing
to sign up as your mentor.


- Liz

Liz Henry
lizhenry at gmail.com
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