[Noisebridge-discuss] Laser Cutter

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 20:53:14 UTC 2011

> As far as burning the place down, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY.  These things are
> as enclosed as a microwave.  They aren't as easy to use, and they are
> compatible with a limited number of materials, but people would have to
> REALLY FUCK UP to burn the place down with a laser engraver...like engraving
> gasoline soaked balsa.

Thanks for using the term 'laser engraver'.

Does Epilog even sell laser cutters, or just laser engravers?  Perhaps
everyone donating towards a 'laser cutter' should know that Epilog
doesn't have any products (that I found listed on its website) that it
states can cut through metal.  Does everyone who's donating know that
this thing won't cut unicorn horns out of turds?

But then, I know next to nothing about laser cutting and engraving
products.  Organizing numbers and costs are what I know about: if
laser cutters are between 5x and 10x more expensive, and Epilog's
'most affordable' laser engraver is 7.3k$, then there is a large
initial funding gap to fill.  But why not get something more
affordable than an Epilog brand laser engraver?

Jon Foote recommended a couple specific devices last year during
another discussion about getting a laser engraver/cutter device at
Noisebridge.  Some people have offered to contribute a monthly value
towards a cutter which is more meaningful for a device that requires
large sums of funding for regular and unscheduled (breakdown)
maintenance (these things break because they are fancy and delicate,
but not intrinsically because 'Noisebridge Can't have Nice Things*').

What are the fee systems for cutting time and materials at Techshop
(do different materials require different cleanup, and who is the
maintenance technician?), will there be training and defined hours of
operation?  I am down with that.  Cover the Techshop solutions during
the meetup (or preferably here with international attention and
responses), and people will take it seriously.

One last thing:  I think you should consider dubbing the DJ Booth a
Noisebridge Autonomous Zone, since I hear grumblings from a friend of
constipating the procurement of ZOMGLASERCUTTERS.

*I hate that stupid quote, especially in this case, where most LIVING
INT for anyone who blithely repeats that quote and doesn't know how to
use a saw and a hammer, which are quite 'Nice Things'.


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