[Noisebridge-discuss] First NB hackathon report

rachel lyra hospodar rachelyra at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 15:36:37 UTC 2011

The hackathon was a super fun, laid-back community building and space
improving endeavor. It was nice to have so many people all be there to work
on stuff together. Some things that we did that are not mentioned below: eat
cookies, plot world domination, and discuss ways to spread NB's
institutional knowledge more evenly and widely. Stay tuned.  See you next
second Saturday!

plastic over skylights
Pirate door emergency exit trash breakdown
Fixed the OG bathroom door
Slightly more accessible center light switch (still not ada compliant, one
step at a time I guess. At least it's visible now, on the yellow pillar in
the center of the space)
unknown extra stuff and possibly extra jof-tastic goodness
Furniture rearranged (couch pit to church, work tables to center stage.
Hoping people give the new arrangement a chance.  Anyone with a class in the
back classroom might want to arrive early to check out the situation and
figure out where to set up.)

future projects:
dump run
shop bench stabilization plan and general shop projects
Locker-ization of existing member shelves. (This project is most excellent,
is being led by shannon, and could use some enthusiastic do-ers to help)

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