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Nicholas Iannone knyck2 at me.com
Mon Jan 10 20:11:31 UTC 2011

So answers to questions:

Some questions that have cropped up about the vending machine:
1) Who has the keys to the vending machine?

I (nick) have a key and there is another key located up by the machine, i'm holding on to the key because im not sure what else to do with it, willing to do whatever group consensus is.

2) What happens with the profits on vending machine sales?

I guess this was just assumed by me but I thought all the money should go to noisebridge, of course we also need to keep the machine stocked as well. 

3) Who empties the money from the vending machine?

I don't think it's been decided or emptied yet. up for debate or discussion. I'm willing to do it if that is what everyone is okay with, also happy to have anyone else do it who is con-sensed (sp?) upon .

4) What happens with the money once its emptied from the machine?

assuming you meanhow does it physically go from the vending machine to the treasury, up for discussion, someone can transfer the money to the treasury and deposit the money in the their account that they transfer it out of, or more simply someone can dump it into the donation box either way it should be recorded somewhere. Maybe we can do it at the biz meeting and record it on the meeting notes? could be a cool tradition?

To Jim's point about charging 2 dollars, I 100% agree on the price, its a matter of logistics though, unfortunately the machine only accepts a single bill per transaction so u would have to put in a dollar bill and then a dollars worth of change. 

I can change the price but it will create a possible bad UX for people, thoughts?


Nicholas Iannone
nicholasiannone at mac.com 

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