[Noisebridge-discuss] I fixed the vending machine!

aestetix aestetix aestetix at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 05:39:50 UTC 2011


I came by Noisebridge tonight to pass out diplomas (with much success!) and
discovered that we now have a vending machine. However, there really weren't
any guidelines for proper vending machine usage.

In an attempt to be excellent, I went ahead and fixed it, so now people will
be able to use the machine with style. I've uploaded some photos to show the

http://www.5mof.org/hat.png (a general view of the installation)

http://www.5mof.org/sign.png (the process by which one may need to use the

Two important things to keep in mind here: if you're not a hipster, you can
still wear a silly hat; also, you can wear any silly hat, I just included
one to demonstrate proper procedure.

I hope people follow this procedure closely, and post photos of themselves
doing so!

Hail Eris,
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