[Noisebridge-discuss] embryonic Django study group at noisebridge

jim jim at systemateka.com
Wed Jan 12 00:30:15 UTC 2011

tuesday 20110111:12:30 Django study group meeting 

who: daniel, chief embryo, and jim, assistant embryo 
what: make plans 
when: tuesdays and fridays between noonish and 3-ish 
where: turing classroom at noisebridge (2169 mission in sf) 

   we think we'll use one of the linux study group's 
machines to set up a couple of VMs, one for the linux 
study group, the other for the django study group. 
   the django study group VM will be accessible only in 
the turing classroom when the machines are powered on. 
   we think we'll set up some internet-accessible host 
to run a django playpen. 
   anyone is welcome to join in, but should have some 
experience with the Python programming language and 
rudimentary skills using a command line shell along 
with at least a little HTML familiarity. 

   what's next: 
* set up some host to run Django so we can play with it 
* document installation and essential configuration 
* figure out some rudimentary things to do with it 
* document essential django architecture and tools 
* find some internet-accessible host to use 
* figure out some less rudimentary things to do with it 
* maybe, after we've got some kind of proof of pudding, 
  set up an evening meeting, probably mondays. 

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