[Noisebridge-discuss] Been the Hack, 2011-01-11

Josh Myer josh at joshisanerd.com
Thu Jan 13 05:55:09 UTC 2011

Yesterday was the second Be The Hack (Show and Tell) event, and we had a
great group of folks out, most of whom had been the hack they wanted to see
in the space:

   - Rachel is working on a bluetooth glove, so you can answer your hand
   - Matt is reflashing the ROM for his homebrew computer (it uses a 6502,
   y'know, like Woz did)
   - Josh made an event with lots of interesting people talking about their
   - Other Rachel was working on power connectors for her soft-keyboard
   - John made the shop more awesome (wood storage!)
   - Miloh and Mike made a neat projector-hang-y-thing... hard to describe,
   neat to see
   - Naomi made a Calvin, who is working on sitting
   - Quinn (and Zander) bodged together a glove that lights up near RFID
   readers (why are gloves so trendy?)

If you missed out on seeing all this awesomeness, come next week!  There
will be a whole new cavalcade of projects, and hopefully a few of these
people will be back with progress to show.  It's best if you bring something
to show, but, even if you don't, no worries: it's inspiring to see the
things other people are getting up to.  Which is part of what hackerspaces
are all about!

I look forward to seeing who's Being the Hack (right now) at 7:30, next
Tuesday!  On-deck: a homebrew CPU project, yet another hand-made CNC, and
hopefully some software projects!
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 josh at joshisanerd.com
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