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Don't we have an intern now? I don't remember his name so I will call him
Intern. Can we make Intern wash dishes?

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> I'm not sure I've seen the sinks not filled with dirty dishes more
> times than I can count on one hand in the last several months. This is
> kind of a tricky problem to solve, and I thought once the dishwasher
> got set up it would abate a little, but it hasn't. It's a standard
> "tragedy of the commons" problem: everyone has incentive to use the
> dishes but nobody has as much incentive to keep them clean.
> I've given it some thought, and I think the only long-term solution is
> to move the dirty dishes from the sink to the dishwasher, wash them,
> then put them in a box and drop them off at Thrift Town (about a block
> from Noisebridge). We can then switch to disposable plateware if we
> run out of dishes (which are a lot easier to clean up).
> I'll volunteer to do this.
> >>> Please do not, read below <<<<
> Chore wheels and constant reminders won't work in the long-term or for
> our particular space (there's too many people.) Elaborate technical
> fixes that we can invent aren't practical. Appointing or even hiring
> someone(s) to keep the sink cleared isn't something anyone wants to
> sign up for or we can really afford over the long-term.
> And the Thrift Town solution regulates itself nicely; if people care
> enough about having dishes over paper plates they'll stick around, if
> not, we'll have fewer dishes that need to be taken care of and it
> becomes easier to keep them clean.
> I've thought it through, but if anyone has solutions that are
> long-term, practical, and cost-effective then email this thread. I'll
> post a sign about this policy in the kitchen for people who aren't on
> the mailing list.
> -Al
> Hi to All!
> I appreciate that this was brought up to discussion but I strongly disagree
> with
> the solution and I've
> not seen this post on Tastebridge discussion list were it certainly belongs
> -
> the are not culprits but
> stewards of the place. Dishes has to be cleaned on regular basis, it was
> managed
> before it can be
> managed again. It is not easy but possible and also necessary.
> Getting rid of the dishes will cause sever problems to the Tastebridge
> which is
> currently
> one of the most active groups in the space and one of the few which is
> promoting
> Noisebridge
> "out there" on regular bases. Switching for disposable dishes is not
> ecological
> and it will just not do.
> Kitchen without dishes is basically not a kitchen. Do not forget that to
> buy
> knew ones, which would
> happen sooner than later you spend a lots of money. It's like suggesting
> getting
> rid of soldering irons
> in an electronic lab which is certainly sometimes dirty and it is not after
> the
> Monday classes, quite the
> contrary, it's quite shining and the same applies most of the time when the
> kitchen is used for
> cooking and brewing classes.
> I will post on the Tastebridge mailing list this email knowing however that
> it's
> the Tastebridge people
> who in a long term keep the kitchen in a working order. However I'm sure
> that
> they will try to find the
> solution even if it takes some time. It may be, that we have accumulated
> too
> many dishes but it is people
> who use the kitchen on regular bases and have a proper manners to decide
> what is
> worthy and what is
> not because they have quite good idea. People who do not use the kitchen
> and do
> not know what is
> important for the classes, five minutes of fame dinners, underground
> markets
> etc. should step back and
> leave it on the ones who are involved in activities above to work on it.
> I hope that this situation will be sort out, so please try to come up with
> reasonably working solutions
> because as a chef and brewer you have to have proper dishes in the kitchen,
> it
> is as it is.
> Sincerely,
> Frantisek
> PS Based on the logic above we should close both bathrooms because they are
> also
> quite dirty
> quite often.
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