[Noisebridge-discuss] decent and cheaper web hosts

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 16 19:36:34 UTC 2011

Hi to All!
I've a favour to ask and it is something which I'm not very good at. I've a 
domain http://frantisekapfelbeck.org which I've registred with 
http://justhost.com and it is also hosted there until 22 January 2011. They are 
asking for $71.42 for hosting for the next year. I think that it was just $35 
last year and it is starting to seem to me a bit expensive. Could someone tell 
me if there are some other decent but cheaper providers/hosts? I've found these 
details about my domain 


so I hope that I can transfer it somewhere else. Once I'm in the process I would 
like to change the "interface" to a wikimedia format but that is a different 

If anyone can help me with this issue, I would really appreciate it. Please 
write to me directlly or copy me if you post to the Noisebridge discuss.

Thanks a lot,




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