[Noisebridge-discuss] MIT Mystery Hunt starts 9am PST today

Sai sai at saizai.com
Sun Jan 16 22:48:05 UTC 2011

The Hunt is now fully open, with answers available<http://ihavetofindpeach.com/>

Congratulations to Seth Schoen and his teammates on Codex Alimentarius for
being the first to find the Companion Cube Coin and thus win the hunt!

If you want to try your hand at my puzzles (all co-written with Alex Fink,
and with several other teammates from Metaphysical Plant helping out too),
they are:
Making the Possible
A Modern Palimpsest<http://ihavetofindpeach.com/puzzles/civilization/a_modern_palimpsest>
The Path More Stumbled<http://ihavetofindpeach.com/puzzles/katamari_damacy/the_path_more_stumbled>
Mario Clash <http://ihavetofindpeach.com/puzzles/world1/mario_clash/>

One I had a partial hand in but mostly done by Alex & others:
Pattern Recognition<http://ihavetofindpeach.com/puzzles/world1/pattern_recognition/>

Note: Making the Possible Impossible is a phone based puzzle! Its server
will go down in about a week, so try it *now*.

Amusing stats: we logged almost 3 full days of traffic on it, with a peak of
~12 simultaneous users on a 1G Rackspace slice.

The source code from Making the Possible Impossible, including a potentially
interesting patch to Asterisk, is
released under GPL. It would be a spoiler to say why the patch may be
interesting, though, so please go try completely solving the puzzle first.
Feel free to email us if you need an alternate license.

- Sai
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