[Noisebridge-discuss] vending machine fail

Jonathan rrmutt at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 18:49:00 UTC 2011

Hear hear!

Showing people that opening a gadget is Not A Transgression seems like
a core value to share.

Everyone knows the key is on the top, and how to open it, right?

Keyhole is right under the bill acceptor, it unlocks a handle which
pops out. Unscrew that for a decent number of turns,
then the front panel opens like a refrigerator door with the hinge on
your left. You will need to lift the door to open it, and especially
to close it.
Try opening it just for kicks, because you can!  (Thanks to
Nickthedude and contributors for making it happen!)

And we're putting all this knowledge base on the wiki, right, like how
to properly stock it and steps to fix the lights?

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 1:22 AM, aestetix aestetix <aestetix at gmail.com> wrote:
> Two suggestions here.
> First, the vending machine is cool, but it's also a tool. If the tool
> malfunctions, people should be able to fix it if they desire.
> Second, rather than assuming an eaten dollar is a lost drink, why not just
> open the machine and pull out the drink?
> Unless I am misunderstanding, the purpose of the vending machine is to be a
> cool novelty drink dispensing system which partly aids fundraising and
> partly allows people to hack and learn from it.

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