[Noisebridge-discuss] bedbugs discovered at Noisebridge

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Tue Jan 18 02:57:05 UTC 2011

You clearly have it wrong.  Obviously that is a couch bug.

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On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 11:19:39AM -0800, travis+ml-noisebridge at subspacefield.org wrote:
> Oh noes!  I took some photos to mark the occasion.
> http://www.subspacefield.org/~travis/tmp/bedbugs/

I guess I could scale those down from 3MB files, lol.

> I also left our plushie mascot on top of the hack shelves.
> Hopefully he's still around, surveying the battlefield.

By the way, I find it rather bizarre that people would teach their
kids about sanitation and bedbugs by creating a lovable, stuffed
bedbug suitable for them to play and sleep with.  When I saw it, I
couldn't help but think of this mailing list. ;-)

Belated Merry Christmas.
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