[Noisebridge-discuss] reception and the Nb-cupcake cnc

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 18:27:09 UTC 2011

I moved the Nb-makerbot desk to the reception area.  I want to locate
it prominently and print things publicly on the Nb-cupcake cnc once it
gets running again.

RE: reception area?
Reception is where someone friendly is encouraged to work on visceral
projects (Nb or otherwise) while sparing some time for introductions
to folks who come through the door.  That's why it's located
conveniently in front of the front door.  The table is set up with the
Noisebridge office supplies (a stapler, paper clips, a label maker,
the nb donation receipt book, etc)in the drawers, and a makerbot on
the tabletop, but not much else, so there's room for whatever the
self-organizing staffer brings to the table.  There's a mobile
projector mount above the reception desk that can be set up to display
a welcome message along the foor for guests.  The laptop for this is
in the desk drawers.  If you want to self-organize a time to staff the
reception desk, grant yourself permission to camp there with a project
you're working on.  If you don't have a project, I have a list of
software and hardware projects for Noisebridge, or you can make the
rapid fabrication of consnoodelaters on the Nb-cupcake cnc your

RE: the makerbot cupcake cnc
Thanks to Gian Pablo, we have updated parts to build and install.
The refurb run down once again (refer to the link above for more
complete steps to follow)

1)New heated build platform
2)New extruder assy. with power resisters for heat (instead of
nichrome wire wrap)
3)New control electronics

any useful things to print with it?
pen holders for the draftmaster 7595A  (the shape isn't too crazy to
make out of delrin/polymethlyene, but perhaps it would be a useful
test run object)
mounting hardware for hanging the other as of yet unused projectors


I (unintentionally) left the (labelled) box of repair parts out on the
reception desk last night, but I will be in around noon to work on it

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