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I would like to direct the right-honorable gentlemen to the comments made some 
moments ago:



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Hey noisebridgers, I'm knee deep in the process of developing a web enabled door 
access control system and I wanted to get some input on features you think would 
be useful in a good all purpose door system.  I'm planning on making it RFID 
with the ability to interface to it via computer software.  Here's a list of 
features I'm considering including.

· Entrance Logging:   admins will be able to see at a glance who has used the 
entrance through the SmartDoor Control software interface.  Date and time will 
be logged for each “door event” (any time a user opens the door via the RFID 
card system).
· User Managemert:  through the software interface, admins will be able to add, 
and delete users from any of the SmartDoor systems.  Users are stored in the 
system by their actual name, not card ID.  This simplifies finding entries in 
the log and managing the user database.
· Scheduling:  Using the software interface, admins can set specific times or 
ranges of time/dates that a user’s card will remain active.  This allows certain 
users to have access to a space during specific hours or dates only.
· Remote Access:  The admin can trigger a door open event directly through the 
software on their computer.  Additionally the admin has the ability to trigger a 
door open event remotely from another location by dialing into the network.
· SMS Notification:  Choose to be notified via SMS when specific users enter the 
building.  Optionally control the system via SMS
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