[Noisebridge-discuss] Advanced mushroom ID workshop

Peter Werner germpore at sonic.net
Tue Jan 18 20:14:06 UTC 2011

This is not intended as a "mushrooms for the table" workshop or foray,  
of which there already plenty through the local mycological societies.

People will bring their own mushrooms and collect in various places.

I just want to check on the time to make sure somebody else isn't  
scheduled to use the space already. I know that Spacebridge and  
Codebridge meetings take place roughly around the same time. Will  
there still be room to set up microscopes and would we be getting in  
their way?


On Jan 18, 2011, at 12:04 PM, Jared Dunne wrote:

> Wow, this sounds pretty fun.  Interesting if not super practical for  
> those interested in edible mushroom foraging.  I'd be curious to  
> hear more details as they emerge.  The suggested time should work  
> for me.
> Would the organizers be bringing in a variety of mushrooms for ID- 
> ing?  Will there be a collection outing to collect the specimens? If  
> so, when?

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