[Noisebridge-discuss] where is the honey cooler?

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 19 19:51:01 UTC 2011

I bought some of these when they were made and really enjoyed them. Is
Tastebridge making more of it? All their other (yummy) drinks are
unfortunately too caffeinated for me...


Hi to All!
Good question. I hope that Tastebridge will do more of them, they were extremely 
popular and we have been one of two producers in the Bay area at least to my 
knowledge (the other one being Three Stone Hearth Kitchen 
http://www.threestonehearth.com/). They are very simple to make you just 
dissolve 1-2 cups of honey and 1 cup of life yogurt or whey culture (strauss 
yogurt works great) in 1  gallon of water and let it ferment in closed container 
(glass better, plastic possible). The fermentation is anaerobic so you either 
close it with a lid and release the pressure daily or you install water lock  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermentation_lock . In both cases the fermentation 
takes between 5-9 days at room temperature (closer to 90F better, in that case 6 
days is generally enough). After that you taste the brew and if the mix is 
fermented well enough for you you add flavours like lime juice, ginger extract 
etc if you like and check the sweetness that it is sweet more than you like 
because the next step is bottling and secondary fermentation which is done for 
1-2 days at room temperature and which decrease the level of sugars in the 
drink. After that you just transfer it to the fridge and I recommend to wait a 
week or so before drinking so the flavour become "more compact". The flavouring 
and bottling are the same as with kombucha and can be fallowed as described here 


I'm waiting to get a copy of the manual which I helped to create for Three Stone 
Hearth kitchen. Once I have it I'll modify it and post it on Tastebridge web 




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