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It turns out the treasurer maintains the Total List of Members in good
standing, so anytime a new member is inducted an email must be sent to

It might be good to include this info in the membership binder somewheres?

On Jan 19, 2011 11:53 AM, "miloh" <froggytoad at gmail.com> wrote:
> Noisebridge meeting Tuesday Jan 11 2011
> Meeting Start: 820PM
> Moderator: Al Sweigart
> Note Taker: R. Miloh Alexander
> Our regularly scheduled events are introduced
> What is consensus: Andy describes consensus
> What are members: Andy describes Noisebridge membership
> Shannon brings up the fund raising drive for a laser engraver:
> Noisebridge has attempted to obtain a laser cutter for a while.. last
> count, we only need $204 for a LASER CUTTER, namely a device to cut
> things with a laser.
> As an incentive, Donor's names will be on a special laser etched
> plaque above the laser cutter in the laser cutter room.
> Members of the Art Night collective attended the meeting to introduce
> themselves and the upcoming Art Night event Fun-A-Day round up that
> will be held at Noisebridge on February 6th, 2011.
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Fun-A-Day_Round_Up
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Fun-A-Day_Round_Up
> Discussion about the voting system for the board Election
> including voting methods. Discussion compares Condorcet with Approval
> voting, the election process (including ballot creation and
> processing), and the method for nominations and confirmation of
> acceptance).
> Treasurer Statement: Current funds in the bank are ~17k
> Dues payment was 4360.00 in December, which includes prepayments for next
> The treasurer is trying to start tracking t-shirt and beverage income
> separately
> There was $363 in the Donation bin today (not counted since 12/20)
> *side note by Miloh: if members collectively fund %80 percent of the
> 'rule of thumb' $165/day costs, the leaves about a $33/day funding gap
> that needs to be covered with donations in order to maintain a neutral
> cash flow from month-to-month. This count from the cash donation bin
> holds only ~50% of this amount (21 days * $33/day = $693), which means
> Noisebridge will be cash flow negative month-to-month if we only rely
> on the cash donation bin)
> Up for member-ship
> Rachel H. is inducted!
> Chandra N. is Inducted!
> J0ck (absent!)
> Josh M.?? <--
> R. Miloh Alexander (that's me!)?? <-- these feebs are 'trying to
> subvert the pro-cess by becoming members of Noisebridge!'
> Others are still in process and it looks like they aren't showing up!
> If you can't show up then make friends with members who can show you
> how to subvert the process! If you don't want to be a member but are
> a regular Noisebridge user, please consider a monthly donation via
> paypal or the aforementioned 'cash donation bin'.
> END:
> Meeting is ended at 930PM
> Question:
> What does a note taker do during the meeting?
> Answer:
> The useful note-taker
> Should pass along the notes of anyone approved during the meeting to
> the current secretary of Noisebridge ( secretary at Noisebridge.net)
> Should record upcoming events, discussion, and upcoming or recent
> consensus decisions
> Should promptly send notes to the mailing lists: nb-discuss and
> nb-announce for announcements of important consensus decisions
> I'm late with these items and no one should follow my example!
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