[Noisebridge-discuss] Beyond Productions - looking for DIY types

Julie Haire julie_haire at beyond.com.au
Thu Jan 20 17:05:30 UTC 2011

Hi all,
I work for the TV production company that makes MythBusters on Discovery
Channel. We are always looking for new ³experts² to appear on camera for
other shows that might be in the works (not for MythBusters, since they¹re
all set). We¹re specifically looking for
artists/engineers/designers/hackers/scientists/DIY types that basically:
build projects, can explain things in a simple, engaging way, and have good

If you or anyone you know is interested, we would love for people to send a
1-2 minute video clip to us. This could be an explanation of their favorite
projects, a quick step-by-step of something they¹ve built, a tour of their
studio/workspace, etc. It doesn¹t have to be formal or professional. (Also
if people work as part of a duo with someone else, that¹s great too.)

A few people have asked for more specifics. Unfortunately I can¹t really
give them as it¹s all under the big umbrella of ³development.² I guess I
could say what works in TV (obviously) is personality, someone who is at
ease in front of the camera, knowledgeable, quirky, fun, and of course funny
is great. For the videos, the more creative the better ‹ i.e., what can you
do with regular objects? When have you used your resourcefulness and
creativity to solve problems?

Julie Haire
Beyond Productions 
310.598.0858 - cell
julie_haire at beyond.com.au

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