[Noisebridge-discuss] thursday work party: it's noon, jim is stuck but will be there

jim jim at systemateka.com
Thu Jan 20 20:20:30 UTC 2011

   i'm stuck on a cabling job, still got to crawl 
down in a hole and pull cables. after that, just 
connect them and things ought to work, then a 
shower and a 25 minute drive. 
   i'll definitely hook up the whip between the 
kitchen fluorescents to the 4 square box on the 
ceiling (i got a few of the proper connectors). 
   i may be able to pull the wire and electrify 
the thing, too. 

   it'd be great if someone would 
* take down two working fluorescent fixtures from 
some place they're not needed. 
* at least install some toggle bolts in the 
ceiling above the two entrances (on "our" side of 
the doorway to the elevators and garbage as well 
as above the doorway at the top of the stairs). 
* bonus thanks for installing toggle bolts in 
the ceiling directly south of the doorway at the 
top of the stairs and a few feet south of the 
line of the wall between the dirty shop and 
classrooms and the walkway from the main space 
to the east windows. 
   probably four toggle bolts for each eight 
foot fixture, two at each end of the areas where 
the fixtures are to be located. 
   in case it isn't clear, the idea is to light 
the space just inside the entrances as well as 
the center of the space. switches and such are 
in place, all that's needed is to hang the 
light fixtures. 

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