[Noisebridge-discuss] chemistry - extracting platinum from cat alytic converter "honeycomb" - how?

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 03:33:13 UTC 2011

anybody know how to extract the platinum from a catalytic converter 
"honeycomb"?  california emission standards require special catalytic 
converters that have (theoretically) between .1 ounces and .2 ounces of 
platinum.  the platinum "honeycomb" is the catalyst that burns the 
emissions to meet the high california emission standards.

long story short, i had to get a new catalytic converter.  usually, the 
place you buy the new catalytic converter requires you give them the old 
one to off-set the high cost of the rare earth elements.  california law 
requires deep engraving of giant special serial numbers on all new 
catalytic converters to track which ones have been tested as "california 
approved".  i was able to keep the old one because the previous one was 
bought out of state.

if anybody knows how to get the platinum from the old catalytic 
converter, I'll bring it up to noisebridge.  we can make a video and put 
it on youtube.

Here's another video I found that explains the value of platinum in 
catalytic converters (seriously):


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