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as seen on the py4science list: 

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Hey guys,

I've been going to SuperHappyDevHouse events occasionally over
the years, and they're always very fun. 

For those who don't already know, my minimum description length
definition approaching the Kolmogorov complexity would be:

def SHDH():
  return set([interesting_people, code_sprint, chill_house_party])

This time, it will be at a fun place itself (The Tech Museum in
San Jose), so I wanted to make sure that more people knew about

Make sure to register to get a t-shirt :)

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Every now and then, we try to have a special DevHouse. This one is
just that, thanks to The Tech.


The Tech Museum in San Jose is letting us take over their building.
We'll be hacking among their colorful exhibits for the creative and
curious. Isn't that appropriate? Grab your laptop, your ideas, your
friends and join us on Saturday, February 19th at The Tech.

The hacking will commence at 1pm. The museum will still be open to the
public until 5pm, then it's completely ours!

At 7pm, we'll have an optional break for people to find dinner nearby.
The Tech is in the center of downtown San Jose and near some great

At 8pm, we'll turn it back up with Lightning Talks in the IMAX
theater. Throughout the day, there will also be a "Birds of a Feather"
room for open schedule sessions. If you're interested in either, Joe
Mathes will be organizing.

For DIY bio hackers, The Tech's chem lab will be open to use for light
DIY bio projects.

And weather permitting, the lounge on the roof will be open for
hacking and partying.

Don't miss this!

RSVP: http://shdh42.eventbrite.com

Thanks to our great sponsors for helping make this happen:

Andreessen Horowitz

Microsoft BizSpark

The Tech

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