[Noisebridge-discuss] Circuit Hacking Monday Audio Annex?

Sean W. Mahan sean at antiboredom.org
Mon Jan 24 21:15:39 UTC 2011

Hey all,

Is there a pre-existing Noisebridge audio/musical hacking group?  If not, let's do-ocratically start one as a CHM appendix, because there's a ton of interesting things to do with a soldering iron that will result in beautiful (or at least interesting) sounds nowadays:

- Effects pedals based on the tons of schematics available online (many of which you can buy cheap PCBs for)
- Simple effects (e.g. fuzz) or tiny amplifiers from scratch, using little more than what you'd find in a CFL ballast or at a certain cellphone store
- Modifying manufactured effects to sound better / different
- AVR / Arduino based synths and noisemakers
- CMOS (4xxx) synthesizers
- Making odd things speak MIDI, making new things to speak MIDI to
- Making things that can talk to Processing
- And the obligatory 555-based noisemaker first project

I don't know much in great depth about any of that, but I'd love to be able to work on such things with other people, and offer whatever help I can.  Anyone else?  We can look forward to big group projects (laser-harp-controllered modular synth?), making useful enclosure and PCB designs to make or have made, group purchases of useful things like PCBs, enclosures, jacks and 3PDT switches, and maybe even some organized efforts to show not-yet-hacker musicians how they can build their own version of that boutique tubescreamer clone they've been lusting after.  For now, I'll just be at the space tonight trying to make an AVR-based MIDI arpeggiator; you should stop by. 


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