[Noisebridge-discuss] deals on rent for NB'ers (was "Sleeping at NB")

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 05:29:12 UTC 2011

There's always some noisebridge'rs, myself included, that are always 
looking for a better deal on rent.  I know a few noisebridger's that 
have actually been able to rent private rooms in a warehouse for as 
little as $400 / month (seriously).  Good deals like that just gotta be 
found through people you know.  Deals like that just can't be found on 

Most of us just want a place to sleep and shower.  Everything else can 
be done elsewhere during the day, particularly as it gets closer to summer.

All that said, if anybody knows where I can get a good deal on rent, 
please send me a private email.  I'm looking to move out of my current 
place immediately.


On 1/24/2011 4:43 AM, Jonas S Karlsson (☯大鱼) wrote:
> Couldn't help to notice this one. I like the cat currently sleeping on
> the wikipage in question.
> As usual there are discussions, haha. I wish some people's tone in email
> were more like they'd speak in person. If some people spoke like this in
> person I'd ask them leave as they'd be rather obnoxious. Of course I'd
> have no authority to decide, but one can always ask... Luckily, most
> persons, who are using strong words in emails don't in reality, in my
> limited knowledge.
> Anyhow, who's opening a noisebridge hostel nearby? Just need a landlord
> who doesn't put too much limits on how many are sleeping, and bunkbeds
> and floorspace with mattresses could be enough with a nightly donation,
> and maybe a benevolent dicktator who runs the place and signs the lease,
> maybe reaps the profit. Getting noisebridgers and associates instead of
> random people from the street may be a good enough distinguisher to
> avoid really bad eggs.
> Just a though.
> Jonas, NB:er in exile, currently in HK.

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