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Tue Jan 25 08:00:28 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 10:34 PM, Danny O'Brien <danny at spesh.com> wrote:


> I'm okay with asset tags, since that would let us finally list what we have
> (outside of someone's brain), provide an opportunity for an idiot like me
> put things back where they're supposed to be without necessarily knowing
> what they are, and *perhaps* have at least some chance of finding something
> that you want to find. RFIDs are cool on things, just not on people.

I was just thinking today that historical artifacts would do well with RFID
tags, as history belongs to everybody, so everybody should be able to find
it.  The same goes for Noisebridge stuff, I would think.  But to be able to
make any use of them, we'd need readers to, y'know, read the tags since
they're not human readable.  And then there's the argument of putting a
reader for them at the door so it beeps if someone walks out with a
registered tag, but I sense a lot of drama in that line of thinking as well.

How about human readable tags, both on stuff and in the spot they go?  I
remember looking at an old pegboard with tool hooks on it where they painted
outlines of each tool where it belonged.  Someone could come up with a neat
symbolic naming process to identify, ala dewy decimal, what area, range,
shelf, location you could find the matching tag where it belonged.

Although with the RFID tag/reader thingy, you'd be able to find the tools
that fall in the couch cushions.

> d.
> PS I sort of want a t-shirt now that says "Actually, you can solve a social
> problem with technology" and either a picture of a loveably cute robot, or a
> big scary gun.

Why choose?  An lovably cute robot with a big scary gun.  Sounds perfect to

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