[Noisebridge-discuss] Be The Hack: tonight, 19h30!

jim jim at well.com
Tue Jan 25 23:40:32 UTC 2011

    i can't be here this evening: i'm involved with 

* audio circuit hacking, an adjunct group to the 
  monday night circuit hacking effort--we had our first 
  meeting last night, we may have power supplies and 
  speakers for admiring our results, toys and tools for 
  this coming monday. 

* tuesday and friday noonish to 3-ish django study 
  group--making progress, documenting what we're doing. 

* linux system administration study group, 3-ish to 
  6-ish tuesdays and fridays, kind of merged with the 
  django thing, but still a separate focus. we moved 
  the two 1U machines out of susan the rack to a nano 
  rack ("nana") that lives in the turing classroom 

* linux discussion group: a time and place for people 
  interested in linux to hang out, used as an ad-hoc 
  meetup by some. 

  mid-day work detail that mainly is working on lights 
  in the space. 

    (everyone is welcome to all of the above) 

On Tue, 2011-01-25 at 13:50 -0800, Josh Myer wrote:
> Got something you're working on to show off?  Come out this evening at
> 7:30 and tell us a little about it at Be The Hack (you want to see in
> the space).
> We're gaining steam, but we'd still love to have a few more things to
> share with the group.  Come on out, introduce your whatsits, and meet
> your fellow doers of things.
> -- 
> /jbm
> (Sorry for the late reminder: I've had a bit of a cold, and was
> debating whether or not to come out this week.  Feeling better as the
> day progresses, so it's on!)
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