[Noisebridge-discuss] Call for help - "Thursday Night Fontball"

Albert Sweigart asweigart at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 23:15:17 UTC 2011

So a programming competition sounds like fun, but I'd like something
that is more open for more people to participate, and also fun for

I'm thinking of having a 20 to 30-minuteish typography pubquiz-style
competition, roughly aimed at Thursday, Feb 24th (the Thursday after
5mof) for this, but could use some people's help with the logistics.
Email me if you are interested. Precisely, I'd need:

* People to help set up/tear down the space that night
* Web app and/or Flash programmers to help put together some apps for
the competition.
* General techie people to handle AV (I'm thinking of running VNC on
competitor's computers so we can output it to the projector)
* Graphic design people to create some visualizations.
* Camera operators to record the event.
* Publicity people (know some font geeks or groups that would be
interested in this, either participating or watching?)

(Looking back at the list, what I have in mind isn't really as much
work as it looks like.)

We could probably raise a few bucks for Noisebridge doing this.


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