[Noisebridge-discuss] noisebridge-discuss: mailing list versus forum system

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Thu Jan 27 07:23:27 UTC 2011

* Patrick Keys <citizenkeys at gmail.com> [110126 22:41]: 
> There are forum systems that allow the option to receive posts via 
> email.  Otherwise, people can visit the forum when they want and not 
> read it when they want.  Forums also make it easier to search threads to 
> see what's been discussed already without rehashing prior disputes and 
> drama.

I mentioned an idea on mutt-users, which I'll repeat here. It might
not have all the features of a forum, but could potentially offer a
web-only interface to something like noisebridge-discuss (reading,
threaded views, searching, posting) while not changing the standard
SMTP experience for those who prefers mailing lists. If I had more
free time I'd take a crack at implementing such a thing to see what
it felt like...instead I merely forward this:

  Using Mutt to present mailing lists on-line similar to forums?

  I'm wondering if Mutt could be used to present mailing lists in
  an on-line accessible way somewhat similar to forums, basically
  by providing a server that people could SSH into and run a remote
  instance of Mutt for browsing list archives and replying to posts.

  The mailbox files would be read-only to all except list moderators,
  who could use Mutt to fix broken threads, delete dupes, etc. List
  subscribers could SSH in using a terminal, or Mutt could be displayed
  in a web browser using an AJAX terminal emulator like ShellInABox...
  maybe even with some clicky-gui buttons around it. Users would have
  the option of uploading their own muttrc, but a config file on the
  server would override certain commands like delete, break-thread,
  link-threads, etc so they don't even show up as options.


John Magolske

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