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hey i'd like to start going to these meetings...i never know about them.
 are they announced somehwere?  or do i need to track the web site?  or, do
i need to be a member already? (Not, yet, though meaning to.)

On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 10:50 PM, Seth David Schoen <schoen at loyalty.org>wrote:

> 2011-01-25
> Meeting started at 20:35
> Danny is moderating and Seth is taking notes.
> What Noisebridge is!
> Miloh's secret name is Froggytoad!  Don't tell anyone.
> People are here, some for the first time!  Noisebridge is a doocracy.
> We also have a consensus process and a membership process.
> Announcements:
> Pete from Wikimedia says that a barcamp recap is happening here at
> 6:00p next Tuesday.
> The vending machine now accepts dollar bills again.
> The vending machine door needs to be closed quite tightly in order to
> avoid leaking all over the floor.
> The vending machine should be twinned with the EFF vending machine
> so that purchasing soda at EFF causes it to appear at Noisebridge
> and vice versa.
> Treasurer's report:
> We have $19,943.17 in the bank.
> Please donate $56.83 to Noisebridge so that we will have $20,000.  You --
> yes, you -- can put us over $20,000 right now!
> We collected $3400+$860 in membership dues for January.  However, $700
> of that is one person's back dues and several others are people paying
> back dues, so we can't expect to receive this much in monthly membership
> dues.
> Donations were at $1250.  This is better than some points but worse than
> other points.
> Another concern is that we don't seem to make money on t-shirts.
> Q. But I bought one!
> A. Yes, but we may be spending as much money on making the shirts as
> we actually receive for people's purchases.  So they may not actually
> be a source of net revenue.
> We seem to be approximately breaking even on shirts so it might be OK
> that we do the shirts even if they aren't a net positive.  Beverage
> income is also still unclear, so please give Kelly more information
> about beverage income.
> Also, donation bins now have locks.
> Q. Where is the donation bin referred to on the fridge?
> A. Actually, it's inside the fridge.  We put it there so it would be
> clear where it was.
> Q. Don't the banks dislike receiving bills that have been refrigerated
> because they are damp with condensation?
> A. Apparently the ATMs are currently accepting such bills without errors.
> Kelly would like clearer sources of data about tracking beverage
> income in order to be able to respond to people who are enthusiastic
> about this as a fundraising source.  Danny would also like to be able
> to track income from 5MoF and the like.
> Q. What is the average dues payment?
> A. Currently data is being crunched.  Noted that we have 12 affiliate
> members and there are multiple $40 affiliates and one $80 affiliate.
> You can also use this mechanism for some anonymity concerns.
> Q. We should redesign the donation box in the refrigerator to make it
> more visible and apparent.
> A. You are the third person to say that it's unclear where it is.
> A. Also, you can revise the signs yourself to make it clearer.
> We are going to skip the "what's going on at Noisebridge" section.
> There's some stuff coming up: the wiki meeting, as well as the one-a-day
> art exhibit in February.
> Q. What is Tastebridge brewing?
> A. Largely kombucha.  There is also a vegan food thing.
> Q. ?
> A. !
> No consensus items today.
> Discussion items:
> There is now a Wikileaks mirror under the Noisebridge domain.  Is this
> a bad idea for Noisebridge as an organization?
> Comment. Someone felt that they couldn't give us money because they felt
> they had a conflict with the Wikileaks mirror.
> Danny feels that people would probably not pursue Noisebridge legally
> for this.
> Q. Does it threaten our nonprofit status?  Does it create unnecessary
> risk?
> Danny: In my opinion, no.
> Meeting ended at 21:19
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