[Noisebridge-discuss] up for consensus next week

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Fri Jul 8 10:46:03 UTC 2011

Sorry I haven't yet done this week's meeting notes, so I should say we have
a consensus item up for discussion next week:

"Noisebridge should sponsor an official project to provide Tor nodes and
accept donations, such sponsorship to include a Wells Fargo account paypal
account and email address established under the Noisebridge domain."

There's a fuller explanation here, with some open questions that should be
resolved before next week.

If you have any more questions, it might be best to add them to that
wikipedia page, and we can go through them all next Tuesday.

This has been the subject of several discussions, including one at this

We also passed a consensus item this week, which was:
That Noisebridge pays money out of general funds for a cleaner for a trial
period of three months, to a maximum of $160 per month.

This is alongside a more do-a-cratic plan to get more cleaning materials
(mops, etc) to make cleaning the space by Noisebridgers easier to organise
and execute, in which $72 was donated in-meeting for Robert to put together.
It's like some crazy cleanliness space-race between the communist and
capitalist empires.

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