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The 168th Meeting of

Note-taker: Danny <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/User:Malaclyps>

Moderator: Mitch <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/User:Maltman23>

*Introduction and Name*
People at the meeting: Mitch, Al, Michael, Aesthetix, Cynthia, Carl, Shaun,
Shannon, Will, Jesse, Miloh, Mike, Francisco, Espin, Andy, Liz, Leif,
Robert, Elia

*Financial Report*

Funds in bank: $17, 058.43

This means that we are either three months ahead, as we should be, or not,
depending on whether you view the measurement to take place at the lowest
point in the cyclical monthly curve, or the highest point. It was decided
that we should view it as the lowest point, which means we are not in
compliance. Panic, etc.

The treasurer is talking to Hacker Dojo about user accounting software.

*Membership Binder*

Miloh re-iterated that TechShop offers half-price for Noisebridge members;
and Sprint may give you a discount also as a 501(c)3 member.

Names were read.

Espen was consensed on as a member. Welcome Espen!

*Project Updates*

   - mid <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/User:Mid> and
   been constructing awesome things on the roof to track local aircraft
   Mode-S_Receiver <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Mode-S_Receiver>.
   Everyone agreed this was excellent. It

was re-iterated that the roof is for people to put up antenna, *not* for
people to go up there and hang out. We don't have permission for such
things, just antennae and the like.

   - Kitchen Maintenance

Liz <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/User:Lizzard> explained the
experimental signs in the kitchen, which are to see if we can't better
define what needs to be done. She is taking advice on what should be
improved, and when they are perfected, they will be laminated.
Liz <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/User:Lizzard> plotted to buy a
laminator. Al Sweigart <https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/User:AlSweigart>'s
toilet signs were commended as an indication of just how clean/dirty the
toilets get.

Robert said that he successfully got a large hoarde of people to sweep the
place very quickly, and if only we got extra mops -- perhaps an expense of
$100 -- we could just get people in the space to do it.

*Consensus items*

That Noisebridge pays money out of general funds for a cleaner for a trial
period of three months, the price thereof to be determined at the consensus

*(Add any new items for consensus to the **Current Consensus
* page.)*

The nearest quote we had was Claudia's old quote for $115 for mopping the
floor and clean the kitchen space. Rubin's previous $120 sandwich budget to
get volunteers to clean was mentioned. It was raised that volunteer labor is
better, and builds a better relationship, and that paid cleaning might
diminish that.

Robert expanded on his plans -- 7 or eight mops! Make it quicker and more
fun! Also signs, laser-cut!

It was noted that the laser-cutter's belt is currently broken, but being

Shannon noted that these dicussions regularly occur, we all agree to do it,
and then bitter disillusionment follows. We should follow our core
competency, which is apparently not cleaning.

Mitch felt that lots of people are coming through and that was increasing
the amount of unnoticed mess.

Jason felt that even people who are traditionally against paying people
should consense on it this one time, just to have a bit of competitive in
the options.

Carl talked about Hacker Dojo's experience; he felt that Noisebridge was
more social, so should be able to succeed with a communal solution.

Sebastian explained the CCC solution that each member did one hour of
cleaning a quarter. Shannon asked how this was audited, and came up with
some ingenious ways that he would exploit such a system.

The Timebank people suggested that maybe their
[1]<http://www.timebanks.org/>might be able to help manage such a
communal system.

Mitch proposed two parallel system, one led by Robert, and one led through a

Robert offered a compromise: more mops, and the month be optional.

Kelly said hey let's try the cleaner for a few months.

Miloh said the cleaner wants consistency.

Robert said okay, let's try it for a couple of months, and I'll do the

Everyone worried about Robert burning out, except Robert.

(Someone) said that maybe you could pay the volunteers in Timebank hours.

Robert said things were easier now things were cleared up a bit.

A donation was collected for Robert's cleaning materials, and obtained $72.

We discussed a potential massive amount, Aestetix suggested that the amount
be proportional to Robert's collection.

We settled on $160.

Aestetix asked what the criteria would be for us being satisfied with the
cleaning. It was felt that the required consensus to continue after three
months would be a sufficient criteria.

Aestetix expressed his neutrality.

We consensed.

*Discussion Items*

Al asked how many smoke detectors do we have. Shannon said we had a shitload
that spray water when they detect smoke.

Al announced that the member shelf is overcrowded, and is going to contact
members and ex-members in the member shelves and ask if they really want to
continue keeping stuff or throwing the stuff out, in the hope of clearing
out some space for new members.

Miloh pointed out that some people had not paid him for the last shelf
reorganization. Danny demanded to know the guilty parties. Miloh explained
that it was Jenna and Danny. Danny looked guilty and gave Miloh some money.

Danny wanted to defer the meta-talk about meeting structure until next week.
Everyone agreed that he could just edit the wikito re-program the meeting.

We discussed helping organize a memorial for Len Sassaman -- we will talk
about this after the meeting (the memorial is due to happen in late July at
the DNA lounge).

Al said the recycling bins disappeared, and he is getting a new one.

The "Noisebridge Vomitorium" proposal was believed to be humorous.

Andy explained Noisebridge
Tor<https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Noisebridge_Tor>project -- the
Tor project is a fellow non-profit, for anonymous and
anti-censorship communications, and Andy and Aestetix, Jan, and others would
like to run some Tor nodes *as* Noisebridge (as opposed to *at*
Noisebridge). Some of us help run nodes elsewhere, but we feel that people
would like to give money for this end, but are more comfortable giving an
established instition like Noisebridge over just random people to help do
the technical side of setting up nodes. EFF has alos been conducting a Tor
challenge. We have technical people to set up nodes, providers willing to
offer space, and donators, but we need Noisebridge to give it as an official
consensus item, so we can set up a Wells Fargo account, a paypal account,
and a email address under its name, and start taking donations specifically
to run Tor nodes.

Danny said this had been discussed before, but previously it was framed as a
separate organization, who would take money to set up Tor nodes and give
part of its money as a donation to Noisebridge.

Andy agreed that this was different than this. The original idea for a
separate organization was to make the treasurer's life easier, and it was
felt that having separate accounts would be equally easy.

Kelly wondered if, even though it would be easy, whether it would be

Shannon said that part of the reason to do this so closely, it helps for it
to be a non-profit, and it helps for the paypal account etc to be officially
Noisebridge to flag that it was legitimate.

Rachel noted that this seemed very similar to her exploration of a model for
Noisebridge Fiscal Sponsorship projects.

Kelly said that she would like some open questions answered before consensus
next week, which are listed on the Noisebridge

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