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If anyone is interested here are some brief notes and contact info
from the lightning talks at devhouse

SHDH Lightning talks July 9th, 2011 Google notes.

Sponsor -
Nicholas Reed - sponsor (Docusign)
    hiring docusign.com/careers

Max Goodman POW -
    HTML based presentation tool.
    Node js interface to change slides via any device.

Shannon -jj Behrens (developer advocate youtube) -
    3 billion views a day
    200 million mobile
    48hours video a minute available
    350 million devices.
    Restful APIs do upload manage search
    players APIs
    Client libraries in java, .net, etc...
    youtube primarily written in python
    new to youtube. experimental live streaming apis.
    youtube.com/create platform to create thirdparty video
    creation tools.
    iFrame based web application allowing you to create videos,
    character animation and video editing.
    Go Animate: allows you to make good looking animation within youtube
    via youtube.com/create.
    youtube-api-gdata at google.com

Andrew - underthesite.com
    crawls a sites css javascript, and server headers, and runs
    the sites info through regex and other matchers submitted and
    then creates wiki entries of the data.
    cantino at gmail.com

Mark Nelson - markmnelson at gmail.com - measuring peace @
    Stanford Peace Innovation Lab
    peace can be measured via the trace left behind on
    digital media.
    negative and positive engagement can allow people to detect
    possible needs for intervention of improvement on a large scale.

Secure Web Sharing - Arjun Guha (belay project)
    Example: huffingtonpost (many sharing resources)
    problem? only 5 or 6 sharing sites can be hardcoded into a web page
    created using google app engine.
    jquery wrap message -> server -> display result

Vasily Salomatov -
    Appsgeyser API for creating stuff
    ONLINE Puzzle Game Builder for Mobile Phone
    QR Code - app creates a native mobile app with a puzzle of image

Joe Politz - types for javascript
    advanced commenting for quicker javascript debugging
    joe at cs.brown.edu, arjun at cs.brown.edu

Luke Gotszling luke at about.me - Grammar checker
    runs on jquery and jquery.ui
    overlay, just add as bookmark and open it for whatever page

Cesar Salazar - Hackspedition
    devhouse organizer in Mexico City (~35)
    what is it? hackspedition allows various hackers to meet and
    collaborate from places around the world.
    16 hackers from the Bay Area go to Mexico, to meet other hackers
    in other cultures
    hackspedition.org/nyc September 15, 2011
    hackspedition.org/vha Villahermosa, Mexico November 3-7, 2011

Hack The Future
    devhouse for kids (ages 10 and up)
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