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Anyone have any interesting footage about science in SF?  (Please see below.)




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          Noisebridge interest (to get or give)?
          Sat, 9 Jul 2011 17:23:44 -0700 (PDT)
          Penni Kimmel
          Mitch Altman


      I ran into a friend, Lynn Cursaro (not to be confused with
        cOrsaro, the awful woman who just sold Bay Times), who has been
        working for Oddball Films for awhile.  When she described what
        they do -- I'd sort of heard of it -- it turned out to be one of
        those delightful/useful/creative uh...oddball things that San
        Francisco used to have a lot more of. If you already know about
        it (which you may well do), then you can skip the "review"
        and/or looking at their website. 
      Mainly, though, Lynn said they were putting together a show
        presently on SCIENCE, historically produced or set in San
        Francisco. Which, in their oddball way, means getting together a
        program from the bits and pieces, ancient, recent, free, and
        totally off-the-wall serious.  Defining "science" would be one
        way to go. 
      Oddball has a huge archive but I thought Noisebridgers might
        be able to come up with some found footage, lost shorts or
        hidden videos to add or donate to the project.  And of course,
        on any other subject.
       If you think anyone would be interested in the Science
        project, they can contact Lynn at tomango3000 at yahoo.com. To
        their archive: http://www.oddballfilm.com/archive/default.html
            Last month
            R somehow found a link to an Oddball Films program for a
            screening of unusual vintage films of and about SF,
            $10/person. Knowing how I enjoy anything SF historical, he
            forwarded to me and I RSVP'd for the event.

                We weren't sure we'd found the right place, but twin
            brothers also waiting for the place to open indicated we
            were there and started chatting with us, and continued doing
            so until the films started rolling. 

                What a funky, dusty, musty place! Epic stair climb.
            Overwhelming stacks of film canisters with weird and
            hilarious titles. Peculiar collection of personal and home
            care products leading to the restroom. Parts of the "17
            Reasons Why" sign!

                The screening area itself has a variety of seating
            arrangements and an appropriately lit disco ball to amuse
            patrons before the program starts. I noted some brought
            booze. The SF program was so enjoyable that we came back 2
            weeks later for the eclectic Valentine's Day program!

                Very high hipster quotient; beats the latest multiplex
            offerings by miles. During some return visit I'll ask the
            proprietors if they have the preservation-minded educational
            film about Point Reyes I saw at least three times in
            elementary and junior high.
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