[Noisebridge-discuss] Advisory about recent thefts at Noisebridge.

girlgeek girlgeek at wt.net
Mon Jul 11 15:48:31 UTC 2011

Adding my 2 cents.

   1. I second the suggestion of 10AM to 10PM (or earlier) open hours - 
      10PM to 10AM - 'members' only please.    I put 'members' in quotes
      because we can be very liberal in what we consider a member for
      these purposes.
   2. We might consider a $5/visit donation requirement which we can 
      forget to ask of anyone who looks O.K.
   3. We might consider a $2/visit donation of anyone who isn't a true
      monthly paying member and solve some financial problems at the
      same time.
   4. We might consider a lock on the upstairs door that opens with the
      same key or keypad as downstairs, but otherwise has to be opened
      by someone who greets - and tells strangers to go away after 10PM.
   5. I like, "What are you here to work on?" as a filter of people.  We
      need an acceptable response for Free School people like, "I'm part
      of the Free School." but otherwise, anyone coming in who doesn't
      look right shouldn't be here without a project.

A slightly different aspect of the problem.  Say someone unexcellent  
comes in.....

   1. It is only a small % of us that feel that we can ask them to
      leave.  We need some sort of social  ok or awareness that
      especially as long as this problem exists that we need to err on
      the side of asking people to leave, an we all need to work as a
      group on the problem when an unexcellent person comes in.
   2. And   it can be very difficult to get the idea across to someone
      crazy, stoned, or crazy stoned that they need to leave.  Remember
      when we asked Salvador Dali Lama to leave - daily.

Avoiding theft means asking a suspected thief to leave, before they have 
done anything wrong.  This means that we must act on our 'bad feeling 
about someone'.   Are we all willing to do that?

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