[Noisebridge-discuss] Tastebridge presents: Excellence in Cooking at Noisebridge

Robert Chu robertayoungchu at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 22:04:51 UTC 2011

Hello Noisebridge Community,

Tastebridge will begin offering a cooking/best kitchen practices/etc.
collaborative class every Wednesday evening, starting this Wednesday (July
13, 2011). It will be a two hour class starting at 5:30pm and ending at
7:30pm. Some of the primer topics (to get this rolling for the first couple
of weeks) will be the following:

COOKING - Baking - Salting/Preserving - Frying - Grilling - and Broiling. In
addition to these, Tastebridge will also teach different kitchen techniques
that are associated with the previously mentioned (i.e. knife usage:
Chopping - Cubing - so forth).

Kitchen Practices:  3 sink method of washing dishes, proper food handling
and storage, efficiency in the kitchen environment, maintenance and general
upkeep, etc.

This class is open to anybody who wishes to attend and will be continuously
moving from topic to topic while in session, so it is recommended those
interested arrive at 5:30 pm on the dot so they don't miss out on activities
and topics covered. We will start on time, but late participants are

Once again, Tastebridge will be offering these sessions, which are funded by
the efforts  and generous donations of time, talent and treasures of our
members, so any donations which interested parties care to make are
sincerely appreciated. Cash donations will help us purchase ingredients for
these classes and the meals we prepare for everyone at Tastebridge.
Donations of kitchen equipment or donating time by volunteering to help
during these events with general kitchen tasks will also make our sessions
run smoothly. Any cash contributions for Tastebridge can be placed in the
Tastebridge donation jar on the kitchen counter. A recommended donation of
$5, $10, or what ever works.

In addition DONATIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEND; however it is recommended
to contribute in one of the following three ways.:

Time: Performing time consuming tasks (i.e. prep work, cutting, mixing,
cleaning, dishes, etc.)

Talent: Leading, coordinating, and facilitating.

Treasure: Ingredients, equipment, or monetary donations.

Come and be excellent in cooking and kitchen etiquette at Tastebridge's
Excellence in Cooking.

Session: Tastebridge's Excellence in Cooking
Days: Every Wednesday starting July 13, 2011.
Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Thank you
(POCs for Tastebridge) Rayc, Francisco, Warren, Joyrgen, Cynthia, Rikke, of

P.S Any excessive amounts of donations for Tastebridge will be automatically
channeled to the Noisebridge general donation fund. This has been set in
stone by Tastebridge and is the Tastebridge general policy.
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