[Noisebridge-discuss] Red Bull Creation Results

Sean Cusack sean.p.cusack at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 01:17:20 UTC 2011

Hey kids!

For those that are interested, Red Bull Creation took place last weekend in
Brooklyn. The event was a 72 hour build-off with a secret topic which was
revealed only when the clock started. The topic was "energy in motion", and
the only rule was that the creation had to move at least 1 person using some
means other than fossil fuels.

I was a member of the Techshop team - we decided to build a rotating see
saw, which reached a maximum height of 12 feet in the air, and could spin
fast enough to make you want to puke. In addition, we added an accelerometer
to the seats and tied its feedback to 2 polaroid cameras which would snap
pictures of the riders faces once you got going fast enough.

Peeps loved the idea - we won the "team award". In other words, our creation
was voted the coolest by the other teams attending the competition...and as
a result, we brought home some cash and a Thing-o-matic!! For those that are
interested in seeing our creation in action, check out this youtube clip:


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