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> Brian Morris writes:
> > I don't know what DTMF means.
> > 
> > Also when is the code to change ? (hope not when I am on my way over ?)
> > 
> > I am of limited means I don't have internet at home or on cell so I have no
> > way to check the web page w/out warning. Don't wish to give up lunches to
> > pay membership dues (for a key) although I do donate when I can.
> > 
> > If I can deal with it all I will gladly use it, at least I will try it, but
> > do I need to know DTMF ?
> DTMF is an acronym for "dual-tone multifrequency" and is the system used
> for touch tones.
> https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Dual-tone_multi-frequency_signaling
> Possibly the author of the page felt that hackers would know this and
> non-hackers wouldn't.
> It's so named because each touch tone is a chord of two simultaneous
> pure tones added together, from a set of eight standardized frequencies.
And to put it in simpler terms:  DTMF is just another way of saying "touch tones" (which are the tones you get when you push a number on your phone).  So, all you need to do is call the Gatebot phone number, and then punch in the 5 numbers on your phone, and the door will open. Please know that this is not the only way to get into Noisebridge.  You can still press the buzzer and people will let you in. Also, you can still get in with a key.  If you frequent Noisebridge and don't have a key, then ask for a copy of a key from someone who has one and who knows you well enough to feel good about giving you one.  (Membership is not a requirement for having a Noisebridge key.) Cheers,Mitch.
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